R & L no coordinating

My sound core l&r are not working together.
I can have one or the other bit not both.
What is the problem?

Could you specify device.

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Not a lot to go on. You need to be a little more specific (like what speakers are you trying to pair).

So the system that I discerned is a Liberty Air 2.
R& L are not working together.
Each year works but not at the same time.

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Lose connection, turn off bt, reset earbuds, turn on bt, check if fixed

It’s usually due to grime messing with the reset pins and you’ve paired with multiple devices.

So I cleaned ear buds and contacts.
On my BT device, phone or pad each devices the buds appear recognized as seperate entities.
Liberty air L and Liberty Air R
Both will play if I pick them independently. But not together.

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I also unpaired both units

I have the same problem. I’m really fed up.

Look for rogue pairing on other devices.