R50i touch control keeps resetting

Hi! I bought a Soundcore r50i a little over a week ago and I’m loving it, I also installed the Soundcore app and changed the touch controls commands to something I like, and that’s when the problem happens. Well the thing is it randomly happens and I can’t replicate it basically the left touch control (only the left one) randomly changes back to its default touch controls, it’s starting to get frustrating.

It’s bad honestly, I haven’t get the same problem with you, but you can try to reset your R50i. The problem that I got is one sided sound, not stereo, I’ve been searching in Google how to reset it, watch the Soundcore official video, but it won’t help. The only thing that I do is place my R50i in the case, then touch it for 5-10 seconds on both touch sensor, close the case, and forget the connection to my phone and Soundcore. After that, I try to pair it again, and it’s sound from two side, play some music and it’s back, the only thing that I do is change the control as I used to, and it’s back to normal. Just try it if you want to, if you get the same case over and over again, try to call the service center

Welp I did that as per CS support advice and now I’m waiting for it happen again, like it randomly happens, I would only know if it happened is when I try to lower the volume or play the next song (single tap - volume/double tap next/long or tap and press previous).

Welp the troubleshooting step I did is go to my device bluetooth history forget or unpaired the TWS and put the earbuds on the case pull them both out and tap and hold the touch pad sensors wait 10 seconds then, pair them again with my device and the app also.