Rafting, Paddleboarding, Icons, and BEARS!

Hey everyone,

I spent the weekend on the Blackfoot River. Already loaded a couple of shots to the Gallery, but thought I’d share some more here. First of all, my personal setup:

Two Icons on the paddleboard. One thing to keep in mind with these is that the sound distorts when they get wet, so this setup in swifter water (This river is by no means “whitewater” but has some bumpy water that gets things on the paddleboard wet. So every once in a while I would have to take these up and knock the water out of them so the sound wasn’t so muffled and scratchy.

This setup was a better deal, not only because the icons were completely out of the water on the inflatable kayak but also because my son was doing to propulsion :rofl:

Of course, the ultimate setup is to have the back seat of the raft with a nice can holder on the frame. You can see the paired Icons on either side of the raft frame here:

Finally, as a bonus, check out this bear I saw from the paddleboard:


Me and you should be friends- in real life :grin:


Looks like a cool trip… even better when someone else is doing the paddling!

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I second that…

You are doing what my wife want to do. We plan on buying kayaks exploring the rivers and large creeks by our land

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Ha you guys are awesome. I’ll definitely paddle with you any time you can make it to Montana!

Looks like a great day out! :bear:

How about you come to me :joy:

Even Google maps can’t find a way to Montana from My location.

Awesome trip and wow those photos have amazing quality!

I would, but paddling over the pond would take a certain time,
though I got some helpers as you see here.
I am the old weak one. :rofl:


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