Rave + is two freaking awesome!

Today I bought a Rave + and I was totally amazed at the sound and the Bass! I’m listening to some experimental stuff and the lights are splendid! The alternative light on the top and bottom mixed with color and strobe is more then I could hope for! If I got two of them the lights would way to much of a distraction to the music so one is enough!


Two of the speakers are better than one, believe me.
But beside these attractive lights you are looking at , dont forget to listen to the music! :laughing:

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Very nice info to know that you really enjoy it.

You could maybe do us a little review on the device maybe with some things you like about it or things that could be improved. Add a few pictures…

We all enjoy hearing about different viewpoints of the devices. If I remember correctly, we have not had too many reviews of the Rave plus.

Also welcome to the community.