Rave Mini - Connecting 2?

Hello, I am new to the Soundcore family. Bought 2 Rave Mini Partycast. I have been trying to connect the two, holding down blue tooth button for at least 3 seconds. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I thought I read that I could connect two phones at the same time, can someone show me how to do it?

FYI - I did search for an answer, but didn’t find it. Thank you in advance


Ok so you have turned one of the speakers on and have just that one connected to your phone. Once that is connected turn on the other speaker. Then press and hold the button on the one connected to your phone for 3 seconds then the other speaker as well. They should then connect.

The rave mini can have two stored Bluetooth phone connections but can only play sound from one device at a time.

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Thank you for trying to help me.

  • I turned on one, connected to it via laptop. I hear music.
  • I turn on the 2nd one, hold down blue tooth on first and on 2nd one.
  • I hear first one beep over the music, no sound from 2nd one.
  • turn Bluetooth off first one, laptop auto connects to 2nd one and plays the music.

I can get both to work, just not together at the same time.

Please help, it’s why I bought 2.

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If it’s anything like trying to pair the flare 2s, it’s a bit fussy.

Make sure only one is on your Bluetooth devices list on your phone laptop. Otherwise they will both connect to the phone laptop and prevent from partycast pairing.

So from the start (after forgetting the second one on your laptop)

  • power on the first rave mini
  • have it connect through BT to your laptop, BT button should be blue
  • press and hold the BT button on the first one until it starts flashing white
  • power on second rave mini
  • press and hold the BT button on the second one until it starts flashing white
  • wait maybe 10 seconds, and the second one BT button should turn solid white

If it does, means you’ve successfully paired them in partycast mode.

When all done, just reverse steps to unpartycast them. I’ll put up a video of me doing this with my flare 2s, I’ll see if i can find that thread and will edit in the link.

In a side note, I see these are in the soundcore app (rave minis), so if you haven’t already, make sure the firmware is current on both, using the app prior to forgetting the one and starting the above process. Not sure if the app is available on a pc… thinking iOS or Android only…

The app may also have partycast directions within the app, like it does for the flare 2s. Just it isn’t very detailed.

Let me know if this works out for you.

edit for link to partycast instructions w/ Soundcore mini 3
Note my video showing flare 2 partycast steps is near the start of the comments of the thread linked below.

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Great information, but unfortunately I am still not able to connect.

  • The bluetooth light on both start blinking fast after 3 seconds. They never turn white and never connect to each other.

So I decided to try and figure out how to update firmware from soundcore app from my phone. I can connect music to either speaker, but the soundcore app does not seem to connect to one of the speakers (but does the first).
So I look in the help on the app and it tells me to uninstall the app and reinstall, but it works on 1 speaker, so seems to work, next it tells me to reset Rave.

“In Aux Mode Press the “D” button for 10 seconds to reset the speaker”

  • this did not seem to work either for. switch to Aux mode and held “d” down for 30 sec, nothing.

I’m really frustrated and disappointed so far. Love the sound, but never would have bought a 2nd one if I knew it was going to be this much of a pain. Is there a number I can call support or something?

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BTW - you were right about the laptop connecting to both at the same time. That was happening, thank you for that tip.

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You can email here. service@soundcore.com

Or go to the support page here https://us.soundcore.com/pages/contact-us
And find the best way for you to contact them.


Looks like @Unnamed posted up the customer service contacts :+1::raised_hands:

One thing that does make soundcore better than most others is the support (official channels).

When contacting them, let them know all the steps you tried, and they’ll work with you to get things working.

I’m thinking there was also another rave thread relating to partycast, and I’ll see if I can locate it.

Did you try both the double click and the long press on the second rave mini after removing the one from the Bluetooth list?

Note the app will only connect to one device at a time, so similar to the attempt to setup partycast, you’ll need to do one at a time.

Remove all of them from your phone Bluetooth
Turn both minis off
Turn off Bluetooth on phone
Turn back on one mini
Turn back on BT on the phone to connect to the first one

Don’t turn on the second mini…

Should be able to get through to the options by the 3 dots in the top right corner (if memory serves) to get to the firmware update.

If this works, it will take a bit of time to update.

When complete it will make the startup sound, and you can then turn off the first and repeat the process with the second.

Hope it works for you, and I’d suggest that in parallel you get in with customer service.

There is a big product launch today. So if you put in a request today, I’d say you should hear back by Friday.


Thank you all for sticking with me trying to fix this. Iwill reach out to help desk when I get a break at work.

Latest I removed all from Bluetooth, turned off Bluetooth on my phone, turned off both Minis (basically the rest is what you said). I connect to the speaker that I think is giving me problems via Bluetooth again (had to scan and find it). Pull up the Soudcore app and it does not find it.

This one part is not clear to me. It says “Select your Soundcore Device in Bluetooth Settings” and so I click the button and it takes me to my standard Bluetooth settings. It shows that speaker connected and if I select it again, it just disconnects it. No steps for me to connect it to the app? Suggestions?


This is now more of a support issue. Sounds like it maybe be a problem with that one speaker itself.
Hopefully you get it sorted.

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I’ll see if I can get some screen shots with me going through setup of a flare 2 with my iPhone.

Steps should be similar with your rave mini.

I also found another user that seemingly had paired their 2 rave minis together. However their article is from may 2020 and they might not be active anymore.


I wanted to give everyone an update. I called support and they were very helpful. Long story short there is something wrong with one of my speakers and a new one is being sent.

Notes -

  • The reset function of a Rave Mini speaker is BlueTooth Button & Volume up button held for about 3 seconds. The directions on the app say Aug button and “d” button.
  • Also, the steps she took me through to connect the two was to turn them both on. Hold 1 down for 3 seconds until it started blinking, then the 2nd one for 3 seconds. Both should beep after the 3 sec and make another sound when they connect.

Hopefully, that will help someone else later.

Thanks again everyone for trying to help


Figured that was the issue, glad you got it worked out and thanks for updating the thread so we can help others in the future.:grin:


So, the question is now… happy / not happy?

Sounds like a good experience with customer support :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad things were able to be resolved, and thanks for letting @unnamed and I take a shot at helping :wink:

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Happy with the support, no doubt. If the new speaker works, I will be very happy all around.


hi, you can pair Rave Mini pair with a second Rave Mini speaker per the following steps:

  1. Turn on both Rave Mini speakers and make sure they aren’t paired with other devices.
  2. Press the Bluetooth button on both the speakers for three seconds simultaneously.
  3. The Bluetooth indicator light will rapidly flash blue, indicating the two speakers are in pairing mode.
  4. You will hear a tone when the two speakers successfully pair together. One speaker will display a solid blue light and the other will display a flashing blue light.

Avoid placing any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers is not more than 16 feet/5 meters.

The Rave Mini speaker can connect two phones at the same time, too. Here are the tips:

  • Press the Bluetooth button of the speaker, connect it with device A via Bluetooth;
  • Press the Bluetooth button of the speaker again, connect it with device B via Bluetooth;
    (Then your Soundcore Rave Mini speaker will be paired with 2 devices simultaneously);
  • If you want to change music play from device A to device B, you need to pause the music on device A and then play music on device B and vice versa.
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