Rave Neo Frequency Response Measurements

Please note that these measurements are by no means accurate, as they were recorded using my phone microphone, but can be used to get a general idea of the actual frequency response. Both were measured around 30-40% Volume with BassUp enabled.

Here is my first measurement, using my custom bass boost EQ as shown.

This second one is a slightly flatter EQ, I use this one most of the time.

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@matthew2ndson I like the graphics and how you show it with the EQ setting but what was your analysis of the information that you got from the actual frequency responses. I

What was your analysis of your testing? Did you think it was pretty accurate or was it totally off or etc?

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I think it was fairly accurate


Was this done using the hearid feature on the app, or did you have another app to analyze the freeuncies?

I played a white noise track (white noise is all the audio frequencies on the spectrum playing all at once at the same loudness) through the speaker and held my phone microphone up to it while recording through GarageBand, where I was able to view the frequency measurements. It’s a very practical and unprofessional way to do it, but it works.

I’ll have to give this a try this weekend, seems like some fun and also great way to experiment with GarageBand and the new phone :slight_smile: