Rave Neo modification

I decided to open up the insides of my Soundcore Rave Neo. Everything looked well built. However, I noticed there was no crossover to filter the high frequencies from the woofer. There was only a capacitor to protect the tweeter from low frequencies. This may have been done to keep the price lower, in sacrifice of sound quality a little bit. So, I took a crossover I had laying around and installed it. After I slapped the speaker back together I gave it a sound test. Unsurprisingly, this modification did an excellent job of separating the treble and the bass, resulting in a much more natural and higher quality sound.

I would recommend trying this if you own a Rave Neo or similar (I assume this could also be done on the Rave Mini, Trance, Trance Go, Rave, Mega) , your warranty period is over (disassembling would make you void of any warranty), and you know what you’re doing. It really helps the sound!

As requested by @Unnamed and @ktkundy , here are some photos of the inside of the Rave Neo. All separated from the outside world by 16 screws, a 2 layer seal, and a thick rubber gasket, ensuring complete waterproofing. Well done Soundcore.

In this first photo, is the back half of the Rave Neo. you can see the amplifier board, behind the plastic grid you can see the monstrous passive radiator on the rear of the speaker which is what allows the speaker to produce powerful and deep bass. Below the amp board, you can see the big battery pack.

This second photo shows the front half of the rave neo, where you can see the big, beefy 4 inch woofer and 2 inch tweeter, wired up to the crossover I added myself, which is the circuit board with that bright yellow capacitor. You can also see the back side of the party lights panel.

This is a more side view of the front half of the speaker.

and finally, a closer look at the circuit board, and behind it the battery pack protected by a plastic shell.


Would have been cool to see pictures of the inside if you had any. Maybe to make a guide out of.
Next get a before and after sound test.

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Lol. I’m the case scenario, my phone camera is broken so I couldn’t get any photos, and the mic is so bad it wouldn’t be able to pick up the difference in sound :rofl:

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I agree a pic of the inside would be so cool if you can take one

@Unnamed @ktkundy I fixed my camera, I’ll get some inside pics for y’all as soon as I can


Look forward to it

Thanks so much they look great!


Thanks for the pictures and the nice little write up about your process. Well done.

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Very cool mods

Crossover -> that means something like this?


That’s the diagram for a "two way crossover ( diplexer, dividing network)

Makes only sense if there is a real subwoofer built in and if there is space enough to add such a crossover.
should not be added to a icon mini. :rofl:

I see different prices for these crossovers, so there may be different qualities as usual

Good work you made and thank you for showing us this so detailed!

Yes, that what I mean by crossover, it splits the high and low frequencies between the woofer and tweeter. I’m not sure what the cost of the one I used is, as I pulled it out of a very old outdoor speaker that I got for free.

it goes from 8 Euro up up to 40.

Looks like you had a lot of fun @matthew2ndson. Cool photos and description of before and after.

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They brought the same acoustics for repair, please help how it opens (understands), thanks.

Thank you for the internal photographs of the Rave Neo. Unfortunately, my son has overdriven his & the bass has wrecked the woofer, so I need to get inside to replace it, probably with a car speaker. Your photos are one step ahead… I’m struggling to find the way in to open the case without causing any damage. You mention 16 screws, but how do I access them please?

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

The first step is to remove the metal grate that protects the woofer and tweeter. There are holes under there that house each screw. There are also two screws under the rear pair of rubber grips on the bottom of the speaker.

Hi I’m new to doing this upgrade stuff can you please tell me where to buy a crossover like this and how to connect it. I don’t want to damage anything because I’m not completely sure what I am doing. If you could help that would be much appreciated. Thank you