Rave Neo Review!

As requested by @Chiquinho, here is my review of the Soundcore Rave Neo.

The Soundcore Rave Neo. Never in the history of my life have I been so impressed with something.

Out of the box, it sounds good. Nothing too impressive, but good. The default EQ setting is Outdoor with BassUp turned on.

Using the Custom EQ, I found that the sound can be manually adjusted to sound really good. Like REALLY good. Crisp highs, smooth mids, and a deep, thundering bass. When you crank up the bass with the custom EQ, this thing can play down to 50hz.

Even up to full volume, the bass has a good thump to it. I didn’t notice any distortion. The Rave Neo gets quite loud, and knowing that you can pair up to 100 of these together, volume won’t be an issue for anybody.

The lights are a nice touch. Wait, no, that’s a bit of an understatement. The lights are AWESOME. They are so rich and colorful and bright enough to be easily seen even in daylight outdoors. The different light pattern options are all great. The lights can also be turned off by holding down the light control button on the speaker.

The only other Soundcore speaker I own is the Motion+. All I can say is that the Rave Neo is more worth the $100 price tag than the Motion+. The only reason you may want the Motion+ instead is if you want more portability.

I would recommend this speaker to anybody looking for great sound quality. This speaker will fuel a small party on it’s own, if you buy more than one, your party would be on a whole different level of awesome :sunglasses:

I would like to point out one small quirk, nothing big or bad, but it would be nice if it could be changed. I notice with the bass turned up all the way using Custom EQ and BassUp on, the volume dips ever so slightly when the bass kicks in. It’s hardly noticeable, so not too big of a deal, but if that could be fixed this speaker would be perfect.

UPDATE: Here is a sound comparison video I made of the Rave Neo against the much more expensive Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 5. https://youtu.be/o3qsSyWwlHg


Thank you for the review.
This is a new model, so you are the first who wrote a review.
For all of us its important to read about that speaker.
Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your new “toy”! :smiley:


Nice review. Glad you are loving it

Great review! Now I really want to hear a Rave Neo

Can u pair or party cast the rave neo with a rave trance?

I don’t think the Neo can pair with the Trance wirelessly.

Rave & Trance dont have the needed hardware to partycast with Neo

Nice review, would have loved to see some photos of Neo and size comparison…

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Great review. Glad you’re enjoying it! Hoping you’ll post some pictures of it as well

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great review… As stated we all love the pics a lot here…lol I remember a time or two, I got the talk on needing more pics LOL

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@ktkundy @Shenoy here’s two photos, one with the speaker next to a baseball for size reference

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