Rave Neo | The Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker

Hey everyone,

Today, we’re introducing our new party speaker, Rave Neo which is available at Walmart now!

What’s So Great About Rave Neo?

  • HUGE sound, no seriously, this little speaker packs a punch with up to 50W of sound.
  • PartyCast technology lets you link 100+ PartyCast speakers, like Flare 2!
  • A customizable beat-driven light show and Soundcore app which gives you full control of the EQ and LEDs.
  • Full waterproof protection for all the times people throw the speaker in a swimming pool at a party—don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Some Totally Realistic Ways You Could Use Rave Neo This Summer:

The Ultimate Shower Performance
Who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long in the shower? With its fully waterproof casing, bring Rave Neo into the bathroom to elevate your shower singing to full-on diva status.

The Basement Gig
Remember the days when we could go to dark, dingy clubs with sticky floors and filled to bursting with people? Recreate your favorite gigs by setting up Rave Neo in your basement (attics also work), turn up the heat, turn off the lights, throw on a band t-shirt, and mosh the night away.

The Treehouse Rave
Ever wished you were a world-famous DJ performing to a packed out crowd in Ibiza? Take Rave Neo up to your treehouse (or balcony) and hold an all-night rave for all your neighbors. That 18-hour playtime will easily take you through ‘till sunrise when you’ll be ready to sleep just as the rest of the world is getting up.

And that’s not all…

Check out CNET’s in-depth review of Rave Neo and come back to the Collective tomorrow for an exclusive Giveaway event :partying_face:

So what do you think? Where would you use Rave Neo?


I would use it in my home office.
Under the shower I take only a shower and I have to care about body cleaning, no music!


Water cleans the body, music cleans the soul :joy:


My soul is always clean, Andrew!


Thanks for the Update @Hannah, we also saw news about it earlier from @Insider and the CNET review, so far Rave New looks nice!

Would use it indoor for now for music parties and movies with Nebula :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I could have used it for a cookout we had recently for my sister in laws husband at our house.

My son is in the band and I think this would be a good little device for him when he goes to band camp or camping with the family.

They do have some of the devices out at our Walmart but my Walmart sucks. Most of the headsets and other speakers 1/2 the time are not usually turned on.


100000% this would be perfect in the shower :rofl:


It would be nice to see if it would make bubbles in a bubble bath. LOL


I would definitely be using it for a pool party. 2 Flare 2s paired is still not as much power as this is supposed to be capable of, would be a fun spread. Especially if all three could pair together.


I don’t think you can have a proper shower performance :shower::soap: without this :joy:


This is why I said to take a bath as I do not think my shower head could hold this speaker up by itself.


Lol maybe turn your ordinary bathtub into a nice Jacuzzi :joy:


Based on the couple reviews I’ve seen, this speaker is pretty good. Wanting to test it now


Taking a bath in the tube is not “in”. :wink:
We have removed the bath tube and are getting a barrier-free shower in the groundfloor.
The older you get… :smile:


it looks so glorious!!!

My boy Flossy Carter just reviewed the Rave Neo and named it, “The BEST Party Speaker For Under $100” on his YouTube channel -

Shout out to FLOSS!

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Nice. I wish I had a soundcore guy haha.
Can the speaker have two diff phones connected to it via BT for two DJ’s? And what about if two neos are party casted together? Two DJs as well?

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If 2 Rave Neos are connected via the PartyCast - Primary and Secondary == Primary Rave Neo can connect up to 2 devices via Bluetooth. Secondary Rave Neo will NOT be connecting to any phones via BT, since it is already connected to Primary Rave Neo, and also not broadcast its pairing availability.

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Im having difficulty pairing two phones to one rave neo. Are there steps to do this? Sorry if this has been posted already somewhere. I searched n couldn’t find