Rave Neo | The Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker

@Brandon23nguyen Rave Neo supports Dual Bluetooth Connection, that is, it can pair up to 2 mobile devices via Bluetooth. However note that the speaker can only play music on one mobile device at a time.

I am writing this based on my experience with Rave Mini and i am sure this works for Neo too

If you have one smartphone already paired to Rave Neo then follow the below.

  • To pair with another Smartphone / Bluetooth device , press the Bluetooth button on Rave Neo to re-enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

  • Follow the regular Bluetooth pairing process on your second Smartphone / Bluetooth device and make sure it pairs to Rave Neo.

  • After this each time you power on your Soundcore Rave Neo (Rave Mini in my case) , it auto connects to last connected device if available within the Bluetooth range of the device. If it does not, then press the Bluetooth button to enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

Please give it a try and let me know.

I’ve already tried this. Once one phone is connected I cannot get the other phone to connect to it without It kicking the original connected phone off. This is being done by one phone being connected to speaker and pressing the BT button then selecting it on the other phone. Auto kicks the other phone

Try to turn off the Bluetooth on the first device once paired and then retry what @Shenoy has stated

Doesn’t work. I’ve paired two phones to a trance before but the neo doesn’t do it. They changed something unfortunately

@Brandon23nguyen not many on community have the Rave Neo, and Soundcore support is your best shot.

Reach out to Soundcore support service@soundcore.com and mention the issue. You should hear something soon on Monday /Tuesday next week.

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Connecting to two devices at once is still not a Bluetooth strong suit.

Rave Mini connects two.devices at same time… Works every time for me

This would be great for my backyard. I sometimes have pool parties but they’ve been lacking in the sound department.