Rave Party 2 gets 2 👍's up!

Well soundcore it’s not surprising but you all hit another homerun here!!! People if you’re looking for a speaker 200 or less nothing I’ve owned is touching this. The boom plus is great but this is a whole nother beast. The only reason to buy the boom plus would be because ya want a super light for its size speaker. This is like the boom plus but better everything in my opinion. Better bass better mids better highs . Here’s the kicker tho… absolutely no distortion at 80 percent or more volume. I’ve owned all the soundcores all the wkings and my latest was the tribit stormbox blast. This is better than the blast and to my ears the blast beat the boom plus for sound and that’s just me being honest. This speaker tho is absolutely awesome. The build quality has really blown me away. My home set up is 2 of the jbl 110 partyboxes on jbl pro stands. Only speakers from them I think are worth their price tags but would their extreme3 or even boombox 2 take this rave 2 … heck no they wouldn’t and this is fraction of their cost. But the build . It’s a lil tank and I love that. When I first picked up the box I went it’s got some weight to it… similar to the stormbox blast. Weight tells me its built well amd has good drivers inside. Just got it so can’t give feedback on battery life or other features it has. I got it to jam to tunes in the yard or when my family and I are at the lake or whatever. I can easily grab 2 of these and carry up down stairs outside wherever. Soundcore I was not a fan of the rave +. I returned that speaker next day to walmart. This tho is different. It responds very well to eq in the soundcore app it sounds so dang good for 200 it’s really impressing me here!!! Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Soundcore!!! If you are looking at the boom plus or this …no question grab this !!!


Cool so you’re in North Dakota?

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Mn Professor but lil town right next to nd/mn border

Cool. That Buick Enclave next to you looks in good condition.

Anyway the Rave Party 2 you said you’d get

There’s some official videos out for it, different pairing guides

Around the same time they released the Rave Party 2, they did another speaker.

I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of good things about the Stormbox Blast @Pantera43 . It’s been tempting me. So you like the Rave Party 2 better than the Blast?

Steve it might still be on sale on their website for 139. At that price it’s a steal buddy. But and this is no joke even at 139 or its been on sale a few times at 159 and 169 I’d spend the extra and get the rave party 2 for 199.99. Steve I’ve had as many bt speakers as i have had earbuds headphones and now iem’s. This rave party 2 is special man. No joke. I have not stopped listening to it since I got it today. I’ve thrown everything from master p and tobe nwigwe on it to test bass to hank jr sturgil simpson tedeschi trucks band marcus king band gary Clark Jr nathaniel rateliff and the nightsweats BILLY STRINGS to Aretha Franklin Eric Clapton stevie ray vaughn the stones pantera slayer and man this thing is Killin every genre. The boom plus was good the stormbox blast was better and this is in my humble pie … lol…or humble opinion is easily the best speaker under 200. It might say a party speaker but make no mistake it’s pushing out super clear instruments and vocals and solid solid bass without sounding muddy or becoming distorted. I was excited when they first released the rave + about a yr ago or 2 yrs ago but that is to this day the only speaker and product I was super dissapointed with from soundcore. It had booming bass but no mids or highs and if ya tweaked the sound in app it just went to crap. They did something totally different with this. I was tempted to order another blast at their 139 price and thought about it since yesterday then today I was like nope ima try this out and see . Worst case scenario I could have returned it to Walmart and got full refund. I will not be ordering another blast I will be selling the one I have to my buddy and buying a second rave party 2. Again I’m not sure what the battery life is on this but it’s a phenomenal speaker. I love it man absolutely love it and will recommend it every chance I get. As more YouTube people get it I think they will rate it very high. I see absolutely no reason they wouldnt . Blast at 139 or this at 199 id save if meed be and buy this every single time. It’s that good!!!

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Would be too big and too strong for my little pensioner’s office. :laughing:
My 2 Flares mini (TWS) are sufficient here.

Do always remember the perfect location of the speaker is very important!
We were talking about that statement such a lot.

But for others who are doing outdoor parties it should be great.

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I also thought he had mentioned he was also a mailman as well a while back. I guess this will not be be a product he will be taking on his route :rofl: .

Appreciate the review of it and plenty of pictures of it in the review…

I think my only concern would be @Pantera43 is it is sitting on the tall cabinet ( I am assuming). If it has a good strong beat, I wonder if it could potentially slide by vibrations depending on how loud it is played. So with that I would say you may want to keep a watch on it from time to time

Yessir Duane I’m still delivering mail . Now if vehicle I had didn’t have a stereo in it I might bring this with ahahahaha. It Def has some thump to it and if need be I’d lay it on its side. The 1 side has almost like lil rubber feet to help keep it there as does the bottom of the speaker but man this thing is awesome. Ima sit tight with it and enjoy it for now but sooner than later I will pair it with a twin brother lol!!! It truly has really impressed me tho buddy. It’s an awesome speaker!!

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I looked at your link on the other thread to see what they were going for (or even if they it was still available) and the link wasn’t working for me. Maybe they are out of stock or took them off the site. Not sure what’s going on since I didn’t see it on Soundcore’s site either.

Steve they were showing em for 229 for the rave party 2 and 179 for the neo 2 but I went into local Walmart and they had em for 199 and for 149 so Def cheaper to get em in the store know there’s still one more at the store where I live unless it got bought lol but if ya have a Walmart close by it might be worth a quick trip there or maybe give the closest one a call but I really do the more I’ve listened to it the more I love it… can’t speak for the other cheaper one but the race party 2 is my new favorite

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Thanks for the information and no I haven’t bought it yet. I have a $100 coupon at Soundcore so if I was going to buy it, I’d like to be able to use that coupon.

PS I wonder if that is a store only item?

I would do use that coupon.
Who knows what will happen with this forum.
If it will end like ANKER’s forum and its “powerpoints” your 100 bucks will be gone.
Same as these “powerpoints” on ANKER’s are pretty worthless now :laughing:

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Steve I just looked it’s on amazon too but also 229 .

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Thanks for the heads up, but for now I’ll roll with my 2 Motion Booms and 2 Motion Plus’s. TBH I really like my Booms and the +'s are good for indoors.

I would not start collecting speakers.
If you found some which are perfect for you, its fine.
Same as me.

I had some different models in the past.
The Mini 3 I gave to my wife and daughter.
The motion + to my son.
They like these.
I have my Flare minis (TWS) installed and this is really perfect for me.

I don’t need any speakers for parties and outdoor.
For those who need such a loud equipment :
Make sure you don’t disturb others!
Remember : The world is full of noise pollution :wink:

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