Rave PartyCast to Neo

I believe this is a common thread, but Ive searched and searched. I’ve tried night and day to use the PartyCast tech between the Rave PartyCast and Rave Neo with no luck. Please help, i need this! I bought these beauties because of the PartyCast tech :sob:

You can only connect two of the same speaker I’m pretty sure

Not sure what all you’ve tried but try to follow these steps:


If your Rave is actually Rave Partycast, it should pair with Neo for sure. If not, well of course it won’t. Let us know if these steps help or you can contact customer service at service@soundcore.com


I believe both of those are supposed to support PartyCast, and it is supposed to work across speaker brands. If they won’t pair, you will probably need to contact tech support directly - this forum is mostly user to user support, and I don’t know of anyone on here who has those two relatively new speakers to pair together yet.

Hi, Rave PartyCast can work properly with Rave Neo with PartyCast tech exactly, please contact us at service@soundcore.com and I’ll offer you a video for reference.

Yup. Figured it out and it’s exactly like that. I was forcing Rave PartyCast to be the primary speaker, tried Neo and worked in seconds.

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Hmm a little odd that Rave didn’t work as primary but glad it’s fixed

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Actually the box says PartyCast speaker pair with Flare 2, other PartyCast and Neo. Problem was I was trying with PartyCast as primary speaker instead of Neo.
Love these beauties. Wish the big Rave one would also sync.

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I was about to cry.
Main reason I bought em’ was because of casting (and colors :drooling_face:). I 1st bought the big Rave one and PartyCast - then read at the box that Rave won’t pair with it. Kept them both anyways. So now I have 3 of these beauties.

That’s great