Rave+'s and Rave

So I figured out how to do the partycast so yay for me, but the question I want to know is this. So I now have 2 Rave+'s and a Rave, to use the Rave with the Rave+ I have to use a cord (which is fine with me), I know the Rave+'s can connect to each other by partycast (by the way it’s really cool), and if I partycast them to each other I can still use my cord for the Rave BUT, when I do that, the Rave has this delay and it makes the music echo. Now here is the real question, can the Rave+'s connect to each other by Bluetooth like the Rave’s use to do back when the Rave+'s wasn’t a thing, instead of using the partycast, cause I want to use all 3 of my speakers without there being a delay/echo. Sorry for all this reading it’s hard to explain, I wanted to see if y’all/you knew anything about this.

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