Redemption of Justin Bieber

I am not big on Justin but it is good to see that he has gotten him straightened out. (PS I never knew he had that many tattoos either). If you are a Justin fan, enjoy.


Not a fan fan of Bieber but will take a look

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I’m not a fan either, but I’ll check it out as well.

The tattoos came later on in life was never a huge fan but I do feel bad that a lot of his life was shaped by being thrust into constant attention before he was ready for it. Glad to see he’s doing better haven’t heard his name in a while

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Great share @Duane_Lester. I’ve listened to his new album a lot of late, and it’s quite good (in my opinion)

He lays it all out, and has some pretty heavy tracks.

Not bad for a kid from Ontario :slight_smile:

Article was a good read, thanks again.

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I am not as much a fan but do have a different respect for him. The one song where he talks about growing up as a celebrity

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I am not a fan of Biber and find it hard to believe in his redemption.
But anything is possible in life. :slightly_smiling_face:

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