Referral giveaway potential issue -Notes used as tickets without doing an exchange for tickets

I was checking out the referral section. I saw where I had 10 notes and 0 giveaway tickets. I was clicking the different tabs for the exchange notes and then the giveaway tabs. As I clicked on the giveaway section, I saw the flare mini and the number of times that I can enter the raffle. I thought it was interesting that it had I could enter it 10 giveaway ticket (even though I had 0 tickets on my total) and the submit button. So I thought lets see what happens. It let me submit the 10 and when I hit yes, it took it. I thought I would get an error that I did not have any tickets. After I did, I noticed that it took my notes without me having to an exchange of notes for tickets. So this is an issue, right.

Does the same thing for me, so I think it’s correct…

Sounds like they’ve automated the purchasing / crediting of tickets for giveaway entries if you have a notes balance to subsidize them…possibly good if by design (speeds up the process) but I think a warning to members somewhere would be good…that way it allow them the choice of crediting rather than the system doing it based on what may have been a mis-click or overall mistake :raised_hands:

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Agree. A great feature if you are aware of what’s happening on the back end.