Referral link issues

I have had 3 of my co-workers sign up today, but every time they try to use my referral link it only sends them to the Soundcore main page. When you click on community on that page under the burger drop down, it sends you to

When I am using said link as well ( it is exhibiting the same thing for me. There is not a separate link that I am seeing for referrals to the community, so I am not sure why it shows “Get your friends to join the Soundcore Collective or puchase Soundcore products via your link” but gives them no option to sign up at all.

Yes same issue here. I also had a few people sign up and each was sent to Anker. No points or notes awarded here even though they followed the referral link

As mentioned here, I think we are still partly in beta…perhaps ongoing beta? Having the same issues with the referral link…

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I’ve asked the team to look into this asap! Thanks for raising. We’ll ensure any unawarded Points/Notes are awarded.

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Sure. We’re looking into it!! Please bear with us.

lot of beta.
Funny to see that we are quite “new born”.
All little innocent lurkers.:rofl:

I see that there are some updated links now for either purchases or people joining the community.

Not sure if it will be able to be corrected, but if I had some new people join prior to the links being created, there is no real way to be able to track anything I am guessing in regards to the referrals.