Remove Create thread button from the top right while in an existing thread

This came up in a separate thread (now marked spam, and buried in a comment part way down). But I want to give it a chance to be seen by the team on its own.

I think that the “create thread” button should probably not be shown while you are in another thread. At the very least it shouldn’t be prominent or highlighted.

When a new person sees a post and wants to respond to it, the large, obvious, highlighted in blue button is “Create Thread” in the top right corner. When what they really want is the small, grey “Reply” button at the bottom of the post.

Having a new topic button on the top of the thread list makes perfect sense. But putting the same button, with slightly different naming (aren’t a topic and a thread the same thing for our purposes?) just creates confusion. Which we can see right now with the flood of new members.

Just a potential improvement for the team here. @soundcore @Loz


Imagine not knowing how to use a discourse forum :man_facepalming:. All these new members apparently have never used one :man_shrugging:

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It would be nice to have it removed. I’ve hit it a few times when I was trying to click on the reply button.