Replace frame? Soundcore life Q30


Bought the headphones like 10 months ago and overall it has been a great purchase in terms of sound.
But in the last 3 months they started to fall apart(like in the pictures).
Reached support before for an issue with NFC and they issued a refund(great customer support btw!).

My question/doubt is if someone knows if is possible to replace the whole or part of the structure of the headphones to solve this issue

Thanks in advance

I don’t think its possible to fix this or replace the structure. I’ve had other branded over-the-ears and had this type of break and made some repairs and it was never the same.

I’ve got 3 sets of Soundcore over-the-ears with oldest being over 3 years oldand I have been pretty rough on them them. I just retired my oldest pair (Space NC) and they are still in good shape but I prefer my Q35s over them. I do not believe these types of breaks are common with Soundcore products.

I think anything can be fixed but as stated it would be the complexity of fixing it. I fixed a few 3dsxl that I thought was hard to work on but did not seem to complex.

I have a soundcore strike 3 with broken slider and I think they would be easy to fix if I get the headband sliders.

I think the q30 would be a little more complex to fix as you will most likely to soder n such

If you have some skills you could repair these.