Replacement for A2 NC

Hi…what is good replacement for A2 NC??


You didn’t give a price range so I’ll suggest the Liberty 3 Pro. I really like mine!

If you want to switch to the stick style, I’d say Liberty Air 2 Pro or the Life P3’s.

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I’d second @steve976 picks. Depends on features you are after.

P3s have a find my earbud feature, which the air 2 pros don’t.

On the anc side, I can only speak for the air 2 pros, and it’s pretty good.

If not in a rush, you should be able to get either for a great price depending on your market area.

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Life P3 are good for the price.

It depends on what you like. There is a version similar to the make as those that is actually like 15 or so less.

The upgrades you have p3, L3pros. and a couple of headsets as well. Do you have a price range and type you are liking, in hear, over ear or sitting in ear like the air pros.

Hi…I have tried today several earbuds-and must say it’s funny how cheap earbuds from earfun outperform A2nc…Ok it’s no Anc on board -it’s not so great on A2NC but sound it’s more important to me…I have no possibility to try p3 or air2 pro… Liberty 3 it’s too expensive for me…