Replacement tips for Soundcore Liberty Air 2

I have the Soundcore Liberty Air 2’s and what I have discovered about these for my ears at least, none of the included earbud tips seal well enough. So the sound is not a premium as it could be. Especially when using Poweramp on my OnePlus 7 Pro. The best music player in the Play store IMHO.
I can usually get away with the medium tips but trying the small tips are far too small and the large tips are like putting a thumb in my ear. I want to replace the tips with some Comply tips. Any ideas for what size I should look for?


The best size for you, is the size that fits best :wink:. I can’t have recommendations, since I don’t have your ears :grin:.

If you do go with comply, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, if you get the foam tips, most of them won’t actually fit in the case- which of course isn’t ideal. So you would probably need to stick with rubber tips. Secondly, at least some of the comply tips have a “fit guarantee”, so if they don’t fit you can return them for a full refund- which is ideal.

Let us know what you end up going with!

This is why I asked the question. Most will fit the buds but will not fit into the case. The tips that came with my Soundcore Liberty Air 2;s are not very good. They are largely basic tips. The seal simply isn’t there and there are far better options around. I still like the Soundcores but I find myself reaching for my cheaper MPOW’s because they don’t lose sound and I get the thumping bass I like,
Anyway, this is why I asked the question and I know I can’t be the only one to have made this observation.
Thanks for the reply


I actually really like the soundcore tips. I’ve been on this forum since its first day, and to be honest I don’t remember anyone else having this observation (could be wrong though)

That being said, everyone’s ears are different, so you may need a different type of eartip to work well.

Have you tried using your eartips from your MPOWs on your liberty air 2?

If you think these to be best for you, keep using the tips you have. Yes they work, but having tried other ear tips, these don’t get close to the best. With the 3rd party tips I have tried, the Liberty Air 2’s earbuds are phenomenal. The only issue I have is getting the right size buds that will fit the form of the charing case. I’ll keep looking around.
Thanks for responding.

Let us know what you end up finding! The information may help someone else In the future :wink:

Sure, no problem.

I’m experiencing the same issue. None of the buds stay fit. They tend to loosen up and come off in a minute. I’m searching for alternatives to get. But confused. I’ve found some ear tips on Ali Express tho.

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I have the same problem, even tried the biggest tips, no seal, and my Mpow M30’s rock at just $34, in many ways better than these, very dissapionting

Out of frustration or sheer boredom, I decided to do something I had never needed to do with any earbud I’ve ever purchased. I could generally use what the bud came with out the box, usually medium tips. On the Liberty 2’s, I decided to use a larger ear tip, a set included in the box and OMG what a difference an ear tip makes. Now I can finally experience what these were hyped up to be. I needed to give props to Techman who first broached the idea of changing the tips. I figured I was good and just needed something else to make these work. When I had the solution all the while.
Just needed to be said. Be well all.

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@TechMan will appreciate that he gave some sound device. He should be back soon

I have a pair of liberty 2 Pro and I would like to know if there are any replacement tips I can buy anywhere . I use the large size. Any help would be much appreciated.

You can contact support they should have some.

    If you are wanting something different you can buy some of amazon called comply tips.

Thanks for your speedy response. Thanks I will give those a look now.

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The link to the Comply TWz-2000 tips for the Liberty 2 Pro no longer works. It appears that they have been replaced by the TW-200-A . Does anybody have experience with the TW-200 Comply, or with another brand replacement tips for the Liberty 2 Pro? Thank you.

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Comply TrueGrip Pro Memory Foam Earphone Tips for True Wireless Earbuds - Secure Fit Tips with TechDefender (Small, 3pr), Black, 38-20100-11

People have used these and have worked.

Thank you for the assist. I’ll take a look at these.

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Does anyone of you maybe has new eartips in Size S + M and doesn’t need them? I lost mine and I am very sad about it.

You can try contacting support I believe they have some.

Unfortunately they want me to buy new earbuds for getting new eartips. I really don’t know what to do.