Replacement Tips

Dear Support,

is there any possibility to get replacement eartips for Liberty Air 2?

Thank you in advance.

Same problem here I think the should sell them

Based off this thread they should be.?:man_shrugging:

When it says support, it is really more community support and is not soundcore support although there are some soundcore admins that do float around here from time to time.

If you need to contact support for new earbuds, you can email them at

I have found if you have other earbuds from soundcore that those tips normally will fit it them as well. I find that I do not use the exact same tips depending on the device that I am using. So you may be able to borrow from another earbud for the one that you are missing. Just a thought.

This not the support, this is a forum only.
You should contact the support directly :

There was a thread here recently with a place where you could get foam comply tips for certain headphones. They probably have a variant that would work with these as well, if stock ones aren’t a requirement.