Review: Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless Headphones

Stylish noise cancelling headphones with exceptional value. They sound more expensive than they are for a Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Comes with a drawstring carrying pouch, Micro USB cable, 3.5mm right-angle audio cable and User Manual. #WeLoveTesting

The Life Q20 has nice sound quality with crispy highs, midrange frequencies and tight bass featuring the Hi-Res Audio spec which is defined as a 24-bit audio format that exceeds the level of CD quality or the highest quality rate MP3. The mids and highs are mellow. The lows are just right and can be enhanced with the included BassUp feature. I prefer BassUp off as I find the audio has more clarity. Active Noise Cancelling cancels out mid to low range sounds such as engine motors, wind and reduce general ambient noise in just about any environment. The Life Q20 does a good job in that regard while retaining very good sound quality. I most likely would use these in standard mode but will switch to ANC when on a train or travelling on an airplane. For the price point, this set is a no-brainer as it rivals the sound of headphones with ANC that cost much more, such as the Sony WH-1000XM3.

These headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 which is the lastest standard feauturing Bluetooth Low Energy (hence the 40 hour battery life), Dual Audio which would allow you to simultaneously stream audio to two different headphones or speakers that support BT 5.0, use faster data speeds (better wireless audio quality) and can work at further distances (up to 800 feet) than devices using Bluetooth 4.2 and lower. I own a Samsung S8 (UHQ 32-bit & DSD support) and iPad Pro 11" which both support Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Answering phone calls is a breeze. The music pauses while being notified of an incoming call. Callers heard me loud and clear. My friend Sarah below loved the Q20 as she danced with them on a recent photo shoot :camera_flash:

Build quality is onpar with other Anker/Soundcore products. Extra thick for extra comfort with over the ear memory foam earcups. I found them comfortable, lightweight and covered my ears nicely for a perfect seal. The cushioned headbands are also comfortable and allow me to swivel/tilt the earcups for compact stowage. The button controls are tactile and easy to use. The Volume buttons are labeled + and - to raise or lower the sound, and they also behave as Previous Track or Next Track when long-pressing the buttons. The headphone’s weight is a light 9.2 ounces.

A couple of minor caveats. There’s no support for aptX and you can’t charge & use the headphones at the same time. Although without aptX, the headphones sound pretty damn good with Hi-Res Audio. Uses Micro USB charging. Would prefer every product to use USB-C connectivity. Power Delivery charging would have been a bonus. Also, the included carrying pouch would have benefited with a separate internal compartment for the Micro USB and audio cable. Despite these, I think I’ve found my everyday carry-everywhere headphones. The Life Q20’s sound quality is great, are affordable and have great battery life. Recommended.


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I bought a pair of sennheiser momentum 3s last week and they sre absolutely outstanding, spendy but worth every penny

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Nice review and the one pic with the cloth bag and how they would go into it is another reason I am hating that bag LOLOL


I don’t have a problem with the pouch. It keeps things compact during everyday carry or stowage.

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