Review. Soundcore Flare 2 vs Flare Mini

A week ago I posted my first impressions about my new speaker – Soundcore Flare 2. You can read it here:
There were request from @Hannah for in-depth review In this week’s Core Update. So I decided to make a thread to compare Flare 2 to My old Flare Mini.
I. Size, weight and built quality
When I received my Flare Mini I was surprised by it’s small size. The same story was with Flare 2. Flare 2 is bigger than Flare Mini, but still fits my outerwear’s pocket (luckily I don’t wear slim fit).
… … … … .Flare Mini… … … … Flare 2
Size… … …3.4 x 2.8 x 5.6 in… 3.50 x 3.50 x 6.31 in
Weight… .1.06 lb… … … … … …1.29 lb

Seems that both speakers are made using the same materials, but Flare 2 feels more premium. Because of second LED ring it looks better as well.
II. Specs that are identical
12 hours of working time, IPX7 water resistance certificate, Light Show feature, 360° Sound and BassUp Technology are declared in specs of both speakers. Unless all those specs are the same, some of them act in different way. More about it you can read below.
III. Specs that differs
… … … … … …Flare Mini… … … … … …Flare 2
Power… … …10W… … … … … … … … …20W
Stereo… … …+… … … … … … … … … …-
PartyCast… …-… … … … … … … … … …+
APP… … … … .-… … … … … … … … … …+

If you have to choose one of those speakers and you want stereo, your choice is Flare Mini (2 pcs). If prefer to connect more than two speakers together without stereo your choice is Flare 2. In case you will go just for one speaker the final decision is harder.
IV. Sound and max volume.
Both speakers have 360° Sound and BassUp Technology implemented, but because of different power and (I guess) size they sound totally different.
Sound of Flare Mini is somehow flat. Highs, mids, bass are OK, but there is no depth in sound. The worst thing is that Flare Mini is not supported by APP.
Sound of Flare 2 is much better. There is more depth in the sound. The main thing I like about sound of Flare 2 is that there isn’t too much bass in it. I spent a few hours trying to adjust sound to meet my personal preferences by using APP custom EQ, but I’m still in process. The only negative point about sound of Flare 2 is that there are sound distortions on 100% volume.
When I posted my unboxing thread @The_Professor asked me about Max volume comparing to FlareMini. My answer was that Flare 2 at max volume is much louder. I decided to measure max volume of both speakers. I installed Sound Meter APP on my phone (Oneplus Nord) placed the phone approximately 5 inches from speakers and made measurements while playing the same song on each of them. I was totally confused because I got almost identical results. Can’t explain that because was sure that max volume on Flare 2 is much higher.
Measurement results of Flare 2

Measurement results of Flare Mini

V. Soundcore APP
Soundcore APP supports only Flare 2. It allows to use equalizer and to select Light Effects.

VI. Price Flare Mini Flare 2
regular price $42.99 $79.00
VII. Conclusion
In case you need stereo or you short on finances you should buy Flare Mini, otherwise I suggest to go for Flare 2.
In case this week’s photo contest’s topic is The Color Yellow I would like to share one more photo.

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day.

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Appreciate the re iew

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I agree it is surprising a larger speaker is not louder. I am not an acoustics guy but my 1st guess is did you test indoors, walls reflect and so make louder? Outdoors I’d predict larger speaker louder than small speaker?

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@The_Professor, most surprising fact is that while I listen to those speakers, Flare 2 seems much louder, but measurements looks almost identical.
I made measurements indoor. I’m recovering from COVID but still can’t leave my place. It’s stormy outside, so I’m OK with staying inside😂

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Nice review.

How is your Covid going? I have had it over the last few weeks. The worse part for me was more like I had a sinus flu, I then was tired for a week and this week, I have a nagging cough.

I do hate the quarantine of it even in my house(staying in one room away from family)


Thanks for asking.
Sore throat and runny nose on a first day. Than had high temperature for two days (was sleeping all the day). Then Temperature a bit above normal and cough for a few days. At the moment just cough and weakness.
Will be on isolation until Wednesday.

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I thought you might find this interesting @VertigoXX

HOW DO DECIBELS RELATE TO SOUND LEVEL? … An increase of 3dB doubles the sound intensity but a 10dB increase is required before a sound is perceived to be twice as loud. Therefore a small increase in decibels represents a large increase in intensity.

As you can see a 3db gain is a doubling of sound intensity. It takes ~10db gain before it’s perceived as twice as loud. Still 3db is perceived as about 30% louder.

All that being said, I’m not sure how accurate that App is. I have an old Radio Shack Sound (db) Meter that I trust.

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I am not sure about acuracy as well.
I know relation between dB and volune is logaritmic.
When I was speaking about almost identical measurements I ment not momental value but rather graph. Values are on a similiar level between 75 and 80 dB

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I’d take a measurement as more likely truer than a human perception because the latter is passing through more complex processing.

However that doesn’t mean to disregard as fundamentally perception is what matters.

Hope all suffering feeling unwell get better soon. I’m cursed with a good immune system so I never get sympathy, my wife has been positive and ill for 8 days and I’ve just been sent out for fruit to help her feel better.

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Solid review, and I appreciate the sound measurements.

I too thought the flare 2 to be louder, but interesting that the app showed similar.

I like both for different reasons, as the tws on the minis is great, and the flare 2s can setup to be great in partycast.

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If you understand decibells, you should know that every doubling of power (watts) adds +3dB and 10x power multiplication brings +10dB. Your result (+2.9dB) is quite well matched to the declared ratio 20W/10W between those devices.
It may also suprise you that the actual silence (quiet room with all windows closed) would measure around 40dB, maybe few dB less during the night.