Review: Soundcore Flare

I won the Flare as part of the 250 Giveaway winners. I was excited to see that my Flare arrived today! (Quick shipping on the part of Amazon.) I immediately set to testing it out.

First, I had to charge it. It comes with a cable but no charging cube. Not a problem for me as I just used the Anker PowerPort.

Meanwhile, I downloaded the soundcore app. I unplugged it mid charge because I couldn’t wait to get started! First, I turned it on. It made some interesting unexpected sounds for startup (and shutoff), a bit like a rocket in a cartoon. I would love to be able to change the sound scheme to something a bit more… dignified.

I started out with playing with the lighting effects. Nice preset colors. It’s disappointing that the music matched features flicker way too much and flash too quickly for classical music. There were two gentler modes that paid no heed to rhythm or dynamics. I think this is something Soundcore can fix appwise. Also would be nice to have the ability to create custom color sets.

Now on to the heart of the review: sound tests.

Vivaldi - Spring
Bach - Cello sonata 1
Mendelssohn - violin concerto in E
Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker
Holst - St Paul Suite
Bruch- violin concerto
Dvorak - piano quintet and solo pieces from the Silhouettes

It performs extremely well on violin ranges, pretty well on cellos, but does a poor job on winds, violas and other midrange instruments. Adjusting the equalizer does not bring clarity to these sounds. These differences persisted across the preset sound settings and the adjusted custom equalizer settings. Piano concertos show the same thing: clear treble, okay bass and muffled mids.

In all, a bit underwhelming. I was expecting better sound. However, I did win it in a contest (virtually free) so I shouldn’t complain, right? For $62 though I wouldn’t buy it.


Thanks for your honest review!

Just curious. When you listen do you use BassUp?

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Have you tested the speaker by moving to different places.
Big difference in sound.

eg. I put mine after really playing around with a lot) in front of me at the corner of the window, left and right.
But after I placed them there I had to change the eq.

Nice pieces you are listening to! :wink:


Good and honest review. Good job and thanks for posting it. :+1:

Corner speaker placement is known to enhance bass frequencies and also cause to speaker to be somewhat louder. This is a great way enhance bass on very small speakers.

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Have you ever tried to place a speaker in a “open box” (shelf space).
Another possibility.

And we should not forget this FLARE has a 360° radiation.

Yes, I tried with and without BassUp. I think the manual equalizer did best (but still insufficient to produce truly quality sound.)

I just can’t see what you don’t like about it… for me it’s phenomenal. Right up there with higher end brands…

I have to say I was hoping to like it more.

I will try @Chiquinho suggestion of playing from a corner vs. on the table. However, given that bass is decent and the problem is with wind instruments and viola I’m not sure. I’ll do more testing tonight.

I never tried the eq of this app.
But with this I get from Banshee (Linux) its Ok.

Maybe it’s defective?

What other soundcore products do you own?

Don’t forget “breaking in”.
The speaker needs a while the membranes need to get “free”.

Congratulations @Rhapsody!! great review!

Question… Flare was not mentioned explicitly on the 250 Giveaway Winner Contest, was it the Swag prize?

Nice review

Stick up some pics as we are all nosey :tongue:

No. @Rhapsody won a coupon and purchased the flare with it…

This is my first soundcore product. I have plenty of Anker batteries and cords, and two Nebula Mars version JBL and Mars 2.

I have to say this speaker is better than the Mars speakers.

But there is still a world of difference between these and my antique “cheap” Bose speakers combined with a Mac amplifier. Admittedly that setup is clunky and nonportable, and the Flare wins on that score. Real sound is still a goal yet to be achieved by Anker… in my (limited) experience.

I got a little Sony stereo (DAB+ radio I am listening to)
This I can compare now with the 2 FLARES I got.
I would not say the 2 FLARES are worse than those SONY.

BUT I am used to 2 FLARES now since a week.
Made some experiments by changing the places and the eq.

I would not compare 1 FLARE with a real stereo.
Doesn’t make sense.

True. But even then, the goal is to approximate live sound, isn’t it?

Do you think Infini Pro or Zero is better? I don’t mind form factor, I’m interested in sound quality.

I got the Zero, but only one. :wink:
So a comparison is not easy.

The term “Live sound” may have many different interpretations.

Compare the single Flare to the single Zero…