Review: Soundcore Flare

Not easy.
I did and would say the ZERO has a more spatial sound.
Because there are more speakers in that box.
But I use different eq adjustments because of the built in tweeters.

At the moment I am really used to the both Flares. :wink:
I am listening now to, both placed perfectly in front of me in the corner of the window.
Best place I found.
The little room is full of sound?
Quality when listening to internet radio? For me OK.
But I am not such an audiophile person. -> Old ears. :smiley:

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Anyone have experience with the Infini soundbar?

There are couple of reviews for Infini Pro on Anker community, by The_Bearded_Tech_Guy

Great review, of course you are still working on the photos I believe. Thanks for sharing your honest review. :ok_hand:
I am also considering Infini Pro for my TV, seems to be a good sound bar. I actually was debating between Infini Pro vs Nebula Soundbar, but eventually may go with Infini as few members suggested here.

Thanks for your patience. I kept trying to wait for natural lighting, but I’ve been getting home late from work so I never got to it.

Is there a way to pair the flare with a different device? Or is it limited to one? I understand it must be paired with a single device at any given time.

Soundcore Speaker models pair only with same model… hope this could change !!!

That would be a cool feature. At least within soundcore products. But the pairing of two devices over bluetooth isn’t exactly a standard, so makes it harder probably.

It wouldn’t make sense to pair a ZERO with an icon mini.

Icon mini and Flare Mini.? … Smaller speakers should have it imho

Of course this could do.
But what about different eq?
The eq settings are not stored at the speaker.

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eq settings from source :slight_smile: plus if the app could handle all of the models, that would be awesome

Best would be setting an eq by app and this is stored at the speaker.
The app can NOT handle all models?
Not good. :roll_eyes:
And iOS is quite not a source haveing good eq.

This is why I am glad I got my LINUX. :grinning:

I’m trying to get a Samsung linked to the Flare. I didn’t see Soundcore in the Samsung App Store. Do you use the Google Play Store? The Amazon App Store?

You can connect a Flares without that app.
There is no need of that app when connecting.
Only to set the equalizer, if there is a need.

I could manage it with LINUX which is more that tricky.
Try it and if there is any problem, we are here to help.
The soundcore app is to be found here.

Samsung uses Android (what else) should work!

I find myself using the flare every week now, while doing dishes. The waterproofing is definitely an advantage and I don’t need to be afraid of getting it wet beside me.

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The next step should be to get a second one and pairing.
REAL stereo, no need to use that app to establish. :wink:

That’s what “LvB” on his 250 birthday would have liked to listen to.:smile:

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