Reviews about liberty air 2

It’s quite good

You should provide some additional comments and picture for your review.

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@Duane_Lester The author of the thread should get an award. This is the shortest review I’ve ever seen here.:joy:


I’m sure a shorter one can be done. Minimum characters is 10, this has 15 so splurging

Q30 good!!

Is 10.

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Really went all out on that review. :rofl:

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Well… All usefull info is in this review.:grinning:

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@The_Professor, @Steve976, @VertigoXX Julius Caesar used only 12 letters: "veni, vidi, vici":+1:t2: (I came, I saw, I won) and see how much content was contained in these 12 letters.
You will forget many reviews you read here, but you will not forget this record-breaking one.:joy:

I put dots to get to 10 sometimes…

I think that since @Sanju38 is new and we had some good fun with him. It may be good to help provide some info on how to do a good review.

  1. We love to see pictures of the product.
  2. Discuss what you like about it. What you did not like about it.
  3. Describe how it felt? How it sounded?

These are just a few things you can do on a review.


There are different way to try to write a review. You can do it more technical in nature. Some people do more of their experiences with the device or others will mix the two. Can be a little creative and try to do a themed review as well.

Sky the limit.