Right bud won't charge Liberty 2

I bought my Liberty 2s from Walmart back in August. About 3 weeks later, the spring (I’m guessing) for the button on the right bud broke (ie; the button doesn’t pop back up after pressing it, it is always in the depressed position) but I figured I would just deel with it because it still functions as it should, the button is just really sensitive on that side. Just touching the bud itself will sometimes pause music or skip to next track. Recently, I’ve had to wiggle the right bud after putting it in the charge case before it will disconnect and start charging. It’s probably 75% of the time it does this, sometimes I can’t get it to charge at all no matter how much I move it around, other times it will say it’s charging but then I’ll get a call and can’t hear anything then notice the right bud is connected, while in the charge case. Tried cleaning the contacts on buds and in case to no avail. Any suggestions before filing a warranty claim would be appreciated

Make sure the right bud battery is as empty as possible. Use it til empty ideally.

Then use isopropyl alcohol dipped on end of a que tip (cotton tip) and wipe it around the edge of the button, press the button, wipe, repeat many times, using 2-3 tips

Then leave it overnight near a draft to dry, fully evaporate.

Then in case, charge.

See what happens.

If doesn’t help, then warranty.

Only use isopropyl alcohol, nothing else.

If you have any concerns with the isopropyl alcohol being an excuse to invalidate warranty replacement then don’t do it.

No change but thanks for the advice