Right side bud Not charging

My right side earbud is not charging above, what may be the problem. Can i claim warranty for it?

If these buds are still under warranty you should contact the support.
But before do the following : clean the contacts of the buds and these in the charging case.
This could help.

By the way : What model you are talking about?

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Liberty Air 2. Thankyou

Service@soundcore.com is the email address

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Try cleaning them first. Support will ask you try that first.

If that doesn’t work contact support and give them a list of what you tried. Also mention your purchase date, serial number, and if you have order number/receipt, keep that handy, they may ask for it. These steps will speed up the support process.

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Thankyou all

Please tell us if that cleaning was a success.
Thank you!

People it sounds insane but it fixed mine. I tried the alcohol cleaning and reseting with no luck. Lick the bottom of the earbud that is where the pins touch the earbud and put it back in the case and it should start charging it again. Not like drool on it just enough you can tell it’s wet. I know it’s crazy but it worked for mine. I have the liberty air 2

Congrats on getting your Buds sorted!

I would keep an eye out on it. The “drool” may have made a temporary fix as it made it easier for the connection to happen or a genuine fix that may had gotten rid of something sticky on them.

I’ve cleaned them like 20 times with alcohol and qtips they are clean and so is the case this is a common issue I suspect just a cheap metal conductor

Do not remember many issues here on that issue. I figure you may do your warranty if it comes to it.

The biggest thing for the air 2 stated on here were which version it was. There in the past 3 firmware versions… 1.xx, 4.xx, 10.xx. They went from like single to a double tap to like a single or double tap, if I remember right.