Right side in Life Q30 headphones suddenly stops working after just under 2 years

Was just sitting and watching a video literally not doing anything and suddenly the audio in my right ear just dissapears, literally only 3 months outside of warranty and soundcore refuses to help me, already tried restarting and resetting and nothing, no matter if i use bluetooth or a wire or connect to any other device theres no sound or anything whatsoever. screwed it open and i cant find anything that looks broken or damaged whatsoever. Im so unbelievably frustrated right now

I’m not sure if you’re having an internal wiring issue or if maybe one of the channels of the amp died (but you say it’s even when using the 3.5mm cord, so that’s probably not the issue). It also could just be one of your drivers blew, but normally you would still hear something.

Now what I’m going to say next you probably won’t like. These are relatively inexpensive BT HP’s. They only will last as long as the battery does, All BT HP’s have a limited lifespan because of this. I think for the Sound Quality, they are relatively inexpensive. I see they are on sale for around $68 now, and I’ve even seen them go on sale for less.

PS I understand you’re not happy that they crapped out just after the warranty, but most only give you 1 year. I figure the product lifespan is probably only ~3 years because of the battery and improvements made over time. I wish I had an easy suggestion for you, but I don’t. I look at this stuff as basically disposable for the reasons listed above (I think that of all BT that has non-user replaceable batteries - wired HP’s are different in that regard, but you don’t have the same convenience).

In case your interested:

thank you, but for my price range i actually consider these really expensive fancy headphones that i cant just rebuy every year aha ^^’’ on amazon where i bought them they were listed as 80-90 euros, which is almost 100 in dollar.

Luckily amazon let me return the item so i wont have wasted my money