Roadmap, documentation, matrix

Hi, we’ve been asking this in different threads so putting it one place.


  • A product roadmap, roughly what product, roughly when, with key differences. We know future products have some uncertainty, and the further out you look the more likely it will change, but for example:
    •    new over-ear in Q2 with improved audio.
    •    a larger battery version in Q3 of the above
  • Product differences highlighted. What is added, removed, different.

  • A matrix of all current products, showing their differences. Maintained, edited so as products added, one central matrix showing them all. Probably needs a “compare” option to avoid scrolling over a wide/tall matrix.

  • Consistent app support, so all features (when hardware allows) across all products.

         e.g. HearID..... why didn't you put HearID2 when it came out on existing HearID products?
  • Diverse Beta Testers. Ones who test more complex and difference combinations, so test ANC, how it impacts audio quality, and bluetooth connectivity across diverse set of platforms (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows 10, etc). The goal being bugs we don’t see get picked up before release.

  • Amazon listings match Soundcore listings, on specs and details.

None of this unrealistic, not unreasonable, but does takes some focus.

Anyone else think want to add realistic wishlist?

Not into individual product specs, not mentioning “wish for more bass” etc - it’s details specs, shown consistently so we can make informed choices, is the thrust of this wishlist.


I’d be happy to hear of beta testers outside of the US only :rofl:

But yes many of those are doable and would be a welcome way forward.


We few over the pond are often forgotten.
But if there are more testers before a product is launched, there would be less issues.
Its really not good for a company’s reputation,
if “real costumers” are beeing used as testers.

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I’m more keen on diversity, but if more countries then more diverse is true.

After all , the criticism of trivial bugs comes from many countries not just USA.

I can see why they pick exclusively USA, it’s one big customs area for one shipment of beta.

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I agree with all your points they would be so nice to have all those things.
I wish I could beta test especially knowing how many things often go over looked.
Your request of the Amazon listing is honestly disappointing that you even have to request but very true