Roll Out The Red Carpet!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post here to let you know that the Grammy Awards ceremony is coming up and that you should all be totally HYPE! Woooo…?

But if getting excited for the Grammys feels like getting excited for filing your taxes, then fear not! The Soundcore managers have been naive enough to give me complete control of Soundcore’s official Twitter just for the ceremony. I’ll be live-tweeting some of the highlights and all of the lowlights as they happen; so join me for memes, sarcastic commentary, shameless product plugs, and even more memes.

Can’t wait to see you there!


I’ll be right there with you as always :joy:. Those polls the past couple of weeks have been getting a ton of attentions.

Personally I’m not really into “modern music”, so the Grammys aren’t super important to me.

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Not a fan of the Grammys, but obviously a fan of Soundcore!! I’ll check in and see how you’re doing!!

You guys enjoy, I’ll catch up on all the news the next day. But I’ve never cared too much who gets a shiny award for their music, it usually doesn’t match what I like anyway.

I am more of Oscar’s fan than Grammy 's, so best of luck and hope you all have a great time!

Looking forward to the Super Bowl LIV :grin::+1:

I’m not a big fan of new music unless its from my favorite artist that I’ve listen to for years or other artist have the sound that I like.

As to the Grammys, I could care less… I haven’t watched them in over 10 years.

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I may not watch the Grammys but will try to there to see you tweet n meme.

It will all depend on how political they get to know if I will watch. lol. I mean I hear politics enough from both sides as it is and just want to hear the music.


Dont lets talk about those “politics”.

If so, I have to take another of my high blood pressure pills.
MUSIC is much better!
Enjoy the sunday my friend! :wink:


Yeah Go Chiefs!

I never checked out the feed. How did the party go?