Ruth B - know of her? New release full album - fantastic 🤯

Perhaps you have not heard of Ruth B, a maybe not so famous (yet) singer / songwriter from Canada…

Most likely you’ve heard Lost Boy?

She’s recently released a new album, and wow, thought I’d share with y’awl…

Sorry it’s spots link… YT was toooo convoluted to garner alllll of the great songs…

One I thought (of many) outstanding ones (and keeping with the sci-fi phot theme… )

I’ll have the album on repeat this week, good smooth easy listening.

Hope you enjoy.


I don’t know this singer.
Nice timbre and good to listen to it.
“Lost boy”: :+1:t2:


I’ve not heard of her either, but I will check it out after I shovel the snow. GRRR
Thanks for sharing! :+1:


Nice. Will chevk youtube for more. Thanks for sharing


Did you get this much??


That’s from last November, lucky so far this year we haven’t seen so much at once, just lots of days with 5-6 inches at a time…

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@TheSnarkyOne I only remember 2-3 winters like in your photo with great snowdrifts. But that was 1978-83.
I was very happy about it then :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Nice share, thank you. Easy on the ears :musical_score:


Yes that photo, was the trigger for me to get a snowblower… have used it four times so far this year…

My back loves me more now :rofl:

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