Samsung S20 volume buttons won't control volume on Q35

Hi all, looking for some help. I have the Samsung S20. Paired with my new Life Q35. Volume on the phone won’t change volume of music streaming to headphones. Not sure, haven’t changed any settings. Phone will control volume on my Jabra wireless earbuds. Anyone have this issue? I’m sure I’ve done something wrong.

Any ideas?


*originally posted in tech section, but maybe this is the better forum?

Have you tried to hard wire them to the S20 and see if the volume works then? I’m thinking if it does, then maybe something in the Bluetooth settings or a defect in the headphones. Do you have another device you can hook up to the Q35’s to see if the wireless volume control works with the other device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc)?

Hi Steve. Yes, volume does connect when hard wired. I’ll have to keep playing with the bluetooth settings on my phone. Seems like it should be easier! lol

I agree, that’s why I mentioned that you should try to connect them via Bluetooth to another device (different phone, PC, Tablet, etc). That way you would know if it’s the settings in your phone or a problem with Bluetooth in the headphones. In other words if the volume works via Bluetooth with another device, then it has to be the Samsung S20 phone. If it doesn’t work with another device as well, the problem is probably with the headphones. Just trying to eliminate things.

Of course, totally agree with the elimination troubleshooting. I went and checked all the bluetooth and volume settings on the phone, didn’t change anything, but now it is working. So not sure what I did to fix it, but very happy it’s resolved.

Thanks again for your help!


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YW, I’m happy to hear that it’s working. I’m not so sure that I actually did anything to help, but I’m still glad to hear it’s working. :+1:

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There are multiple volumes.
Media, calls, phone, and absolute volume when connected to two devices.

Chances are one of these is tied to different volumes between phone and headphones.

What I suspect happened was the phone was altering total volume but the headphones were tied to absolute media volume.

Had you connected to two devices by pairing to both and you forgot the non-phone connection when altering phone volume?

Some Android phones in sound settings you change the default volume setting, what most do is alter whatever is active at the time.

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Sometime I find unpairing and forgetting the device and reconnecting works. Not always sure why my Samsung phone can be fickle like that

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