SC Motion+ EQ not returning to previous settings

most of times i use the personal EQ settings i created in the app. When i press the “bass”-button on the speaker, the EQ switches to the “high bass” settings (everything allright so far).
If i press the “bass” button again, the EQ always switches to the “low bass” setting.
To get to my personal EQ settings i have to open the app and choose it manually.

I would like to switch to the previous EQ settings when turning the “max bass” EQ off. Is this possible?

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I agree. I hadn’t noticed that, as the M+ (Anker) is rather new to me.
It does seem like, on the development-side, the M+'s, -SC-app, …is kind of ‘weak’.

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The Motion+ is a 3 year old product. But I am seeing it is being refreshed internally so no sign of retirement.

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I watched a ‘complete teardown’ of M+, … and the guy even ‘peeled’ the ‘sticker’ off it’s ‘brain’, which is indeed, a Qualcomm processor, in there.

Could you please drop a link to that video?


This high skilled specialist will never do a reassembling of the speaker.
I am sure he is still seeking some of the screws.

All fantastic experts to be seen on such videos :rofl: