Select Pro, Flare 2 or both? (Updated)

I have a Flare 2 that I like, however, I can pick up a Select Pro for the same price. Just wondering if anyone has both, their thoughts, and can you pair them if I decide to keep both?.
Thanks in advance.

I also have an upgraded Soundcore 2 (12 watts) I picked up for $36 bucks…wish they would put AUX on more of their offerings.

So, I passed on the Select Pro and went with the Motion+ as that suited my needs better. I was debating returning my SC2 (12-watt) for the SC3…(so I could pair it w/Flare 2).
However, last night I decided to Aux the SC2 to my Honeywell LED television… (Yes, Honeywell briefly dipped their toe into the Consumer TV market)…and Wow, what a difference!..and no noticeable latency issues.

Now I’m thinking about a 2nd SC2, so I have an option of TWS on the Television, which begs the question…I should be able to pair them while one is on AUX, without issue?

So one speaker is wired, the other Bluetooth.

Short answer is I don’t know can’t help. Long answer:

ISTR someone successful doing that with one product set, I’m not sure a search would find that post.

It’s such a rare ask I suggest wait until someone appears confirming.

TWS is not designed to do this. Partycast I think can.

Why don’t you just wired both with a splitter?

I thought about using a splitter, but wouldn’t that just result in two speakers, each in stereo, but not TWS?.
I guess I was thinking that the ‘pairing’ connection was more like NFC, rather than BT…so yeah, that could be a problem.

I’m probably just going to chill-out for a while and reassess when the holiday sales start dropping, or the 16-watt, Aux+SDcard, Partycast+TWS w/36 hour-battery Soundcore 4 launches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Depends on your splitter choice.

I have wired headphones that have a 3.5mm to each cup (Left and Right - it’s also 3.5mm to the amp/phone). I’ve used that on my Motion+'s. I’m talking about a cable like this (I’m just using one that came with my headphones):

PS An added benefit is you don’t have to worry about BT Latency if you do it like that and it’s in stereo @c1tobor98 .

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Interesting. So is that a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter?..was wondering about plugging a 6-strings into the M+ just for kicks.

My cord is 3.5mm with a screw-on 1/4 adapter on the amp end and 3.5mm to each cup (Left and Right).

PS It’s so you can either plug them into a full size (1/4" socket) or the smaller 3.5mm socket. I can add a picture of what I’m using if you’d like.

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This discussion made me look up the Select Pro

It is not showing an AUX socket so my idea of cable to it is bad. Look for yourself, I only see USB in+out.

The M+ does have AUX

I know you’re not thinking of the Select Pro, I’m writing this in case a search comes to this thread.

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Well I’m not sure what’s going on, but I tried to hook up my 2 Motion+'s with the able and now it’s not working. If I unplug one of them it works fine. I’m sure I had it work before. I have since updated them, but I don’t see why that would matter. No big deal for me since I don’t need them for a sound bar. I’m going to keep messing around and see if I can get it to work.

Again, interesting. Can you TWS them (pair) with one ‘plugged’ into Aux?.

Yes I understand. Being an Anker-Soundcore newbie, the Aux/TWS/P-Cast limitations are a 'bit frustrating…(my only other BT speaker was an Oontz 3, which I thought was great),

That said, the ‘pound for pound’ Value/Price, has made me a fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m in the middle of something right now so I won’t be able to test it out until tomorrow. That being said I don’t think that would be possible since when you plug in a cable it puts the speaker into Aux Mode which I would think shuts down everything else.

I did un-pair them as part of my messing around, but I still couldn’t the cable I mentioned to work on the pair.

Honestly, If was trying to use the 2 of them, I’d just use TWS. I re-paired them and TWS works fine.

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Thanks. I guess I am realizing a decent ‘cheap’ soundbar would probably be a better solution…so I am keeping the $36 SC2 as a solution…(I can’t go back to the TV speaker/s).

I sense the ‘Community’ has seen better days. I actually prefer ‘self-help’ from people/customers over scripts/bots… thinking out-loud, so to speak…so thank y’all for your help and advice…:slightly_smiling_face: