Sennheiser getting out?

Apparently Soundcore’s competition is to tough, and they want out. :slight_smile:

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Looks like some brands have some problems.

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Oooo that’s really interesting especially since they are a big name

They are still the best in wireless audio transmission at stages.
We used those at the university.
Absolutely tough and perfect.


The article specifies it is consumer stuff they are trying to sell off - headphones, soundbars. They are keeping the professional stuff.

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Never tried them yet. Interesting move… I think with Covid audio sales are probably pretty good. It may be a good time for them to take that money and run to a specialized field.

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I still think it’s an interesting choice because some of their consumer earbuds are very popular on the market. I also wonder if the person who ends up buying that part of their company will get to keep the same name or will they have to fully rebrand?

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That is a good question. Presumably the brand is a big piece of the value - if you don’t get that, I can’t see much of a deal there.

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Agreed the name is a huge part because it has trust and a reputation just like how people pretend to claim they are Soundcore because it helps sell. I feel like on the consumer side we probably won’t see much change even if they do sell because if they let the new owners keep their name with it then they will probably try to stick with what they now works to not risks messing up their brand

Depends who buys it and what they do with it. As its a premium brand name if its bought by someone appearing cheaper / lower then the brand will devalue. So it needs buying from another elite brand.

The key is keep the engineering talent. Admin, Marketing, sales are the most expendable for cost savings, but if you impact R&D and engineering then you’re walking dead.

Finger in air, I’d say acquire patents,engineering, testing, by Apple subject to regulator approval and large layoffs in admin, finance, sales, marketing.

Great share