Separate Out Anker and Soundcore Testing Opportunities

As Anker and Soundcore Communities are two individual communities, i strongly feel the testing Opportunities or “We Love Testing” events need to be separated.

I had applied for one of the Anker testing event, and already submitted the review and social media links, however this is still stopping me from applying for testing the Life Q20, why deprive users of not being able to apply when these are separate communities?

@Loz @Hannah can you guys please look into it and provide a workable solution?

Added a poll, with auto closure on Oct 31st

  • Separate out Testing Opportunities
  • Keep them as-is, make no changes

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Your link needs to be approved which is why you cannot apply for another testing event yet. Anyone can do a review and post a link, that’s why they switched to having to approve of the review first to make sure it meets their requirements.
Also, I dont think they need to be separate as it’s such limited user needs anyway

There are 700+ applicants for 20 spots already, as there are for most of these. So they have plenty of applicants for their purposes.

And on the other side, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that you aren’t eligible again until the one you were lucky enough to win is completely done. Kind of stinks when you are just waiting on someone else, and they are probably on vacation, but it isn’t that common, and you were fortunate enough to be picked for an earlier one.

Everyone should be able to apply for testing, eventually it is going to benefit Soundcore and Anker brands in the long run, more reviews going out, why not the same person.

It was OK until Anker had Soundcore within its community, now that SoundCore is a separate community, this give more opportunities to members to apply as separate entities on these communities

Too many people would apply for testing event and write sham reviews, that’s why they switched to having them be approved. Sure you can apply to multiple testing events provided you get approved in time, but that’s the nature of it and you have to wait for them. And they are under no ok obligation to rush as you can see there are well over 700 entries waiting to get chosen

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I already have the Q20s, so I think it would be a bit cheeky to apply for another pair :joy:.

I do think that they should be separate if they truly want this to be a separate community

I am okay and like the way to verify and approve review content as long as it is not taking any longer (than Amazon reviews LOL)
Now this is resisting to apply for any soundcore testing events … I get @Shenoy point. If you have 2 separate testing sites, more opportunities for the people to test. Not sure that is going to have a huge effect on Anker’s budget overall.

My thoughts exactly… hence why the Power User program has in essence been archived / disbanded…

I am fine with the approval process, let the reviews be reviewed by the Anker / Soundcore teams, and only if these are legitimate, approve them., but separate them out for the two communities. It does not matter if there are 700 or 7000 entries for an event, my point is everybody should be provided with an opportunity to apply, and not held at cross-hairs because you applied at other community, you cannot apply in this community

I still get tons of stuff through the power user program…

Before your time power users use to get stuff for free, then they switched to coupons. All other testing went to email only

Oh, I like free stuff better hehe. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and pay lol.

I do feel like the coupons should be greater. Most stuff can be purchased for cheaper if you just wait for a sale. For that reason I only go for the buy one get one deals.

I also wish you could get more then one item at a time through the PU program. I’ve missed out on some deals I wanted because I’m still testing the q20s. (Review next week probably).

Oh, and do they still do free testing at all (other then we love testing)? Just send products out to power users who have proven themselves…

They generally email people now for beta testing stuff. But aside from that they may offer products for review, but lately it has been first come first seeve

yes, even though we may get the email if we delay and someone else signed up before us, the opportunity goes off…

That’s only for the ones where you have to fill out a survey. I have gotten emails asking to test specific items before that didnt require a survey and were direct to me.

Haven’t seen a discount coupon under the UK page for the last 3-4 months…

I’m fine with the blocking. I’m not sure of the separation. I like being able to click one link and see all the testing events in one place. I was blocked because I added a couple of links after I completed my testing and I was blocked I sent a message to the @AnkerOfficial account over at the Anker community and they approved my open links in less than 24 hours since it was a week day.

The blocking system is a great way to keep people from applying that haven’t completed their last test or those that won a contest and choose not to complete their part of the testing contract.


I’ve gotten 10 free samples through the original PowerUser program :rofl:
Total msrp for the products — approx $500
ahh I miss that

Yes they do :wink: