Serious advice needed

here’s deal since dec been enjoying my liberty 2 pros every single day yesterday I somehow lost the charging case… think it happened when I got out to go into store for groceries and wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do… I messaged soundcore last night after turning house and car upside down called store to see if someone maybe turned in the case and no luck… know I could just buy another pair but money is bit tight right now so just keeping my fingers crossed maybe soundcore will let me just buy a case otherwise I’m open to any and all suggestions… hope anyone who reads this is well and healthy!!!

I have seen some replacement charging boxes for soundcore earbuds at
But I don’t know if these are fitting to the model you are using.

You made a good decision.
Only the support can give you help!
Good luck and keep us informed please.

I know Amazon have sold the Neo cases for a decent price. I had won some L2Pro but my case seems to be losing charge . So I am at a similar situation where I thought about getting another case.

I do think I could charge them in my Liberty 2 case but would not be 100 percent sure if that would affect them. ( I think it would be ok).

I remember someone on here stating their dog ate their earbuds. You could potentially search dog ate my earbuds or dog ate. See if you can find that person and send them a message if they got the case still and maybe work out a deal for them. Only thing is you do not know how good the case is now.

I know I would keep the case even if I could nt use it. Heck I have some Spirit X that are messed up that I have kept.

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I am sure they fed the case to their cats! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Here’s info I received from soumdcore customer service on phone… I was told I need to contact anker and that they do sell just the cases for 50 dollars so I contacted anker who then had a super nice guy on phone tell me that hes they do sell just the case but that he’d hate check inventory after a min he came back and informed me the inventory was low due to covid and that the only thing available would be to purchase the whole liberty 2 pro set up… as money is tight right now I just can’t do that but he also said I could try to put in a warranty claim and that ya never know??? What??? Thats what I thought too lol so I then proceeded to look online a.d got lucky… guy selling a liberty 2 case on ebay… I looked at it and since I own the reg liberty 2 and spirit x2 to go with 2 pro i messaged him and said are you sure that isn’t the 2 pro case as the reg 2 has a black glossy finish and this is the grey 2 pro charging case… he messaged me back and said yes you are right it is the 2 pro case… haven’t bought on ebay before so took a chance and purchased from him and after thanking the guy and he accepting my offer of 5 dollars less than he was asking he then sent me a receipt and he paid more for shipping than what was advertised so I’d get it sooner… was supposed to get it on the the 3rd or 4th next month and from what his receipt said I should instead have it this Thursday or friday… now hopefully this case works but its pretty cool feeling to know when someone who i don’t even know goes above and beyond to do something nice for someone he doesn’t even know… there’s lot of good people outthere and little things like this are what makes me wanna do fmgood for others also!!! Can’t wait to receive it and do wish anker or soundbites inventory was better since thats what they told me right away but this is crazy times right now so I get it … I’m still gonna be lifelong soundcore customer cuz the 2 pro blew me away after trying so many others but ima be lil more careful with this case lol

Glad you found one, I hope it will work.

The lack of availability of replacement parts, and the fact that it is so easy to make the whole set useless by losing one piece out of three is one of my biggest hesitations about TWS headphones.

Thats the problem with such true wireless earbuds.
If you lose one, you have the useless rest and get angry about.
Regarding wired earbuds, when losing those you get angry but all is gone.
No “rest” left which you have to look at always and get angry again!

Out of sight out of mind! :rofl:

Let us know if they work with it. I will say for you to do a full charge of the case to make sure that it will keep a charge (or lose the charge quickly) or if it will charge at all.

Hope it works out for you.