Serious Delay Issue w Rave Partycast

Hi I’m having delay issue w my Rave Partycast both on Bluetooth and AUX. not sure if I can adjust a latency - anyone having the same problems?

Unsure of myself as I do not have.

You may want to give more detail as to when they are delayed. It is it certain apps or etc.

More details are needed.
What app, player etc. do you use when the delay happens ?

I think sometimes youtube can get delayed as stated by somebody once with their device. Is device phone or pc. How far away from source device?

Its possible, of course.
But without any infos there is no chance to give any advice.

Appreciate the replies!

So I’ve connected my Samsung TV to the Soundcore rave mini and there’s clear lag when on Netflix.

Also I connected a karaoke machine to Rave mini both on AUX and Bluetooth and there was a clear lag on microphone too. Switched it w an old Samsung sound bar I was using previously and had no issues.

What do you think is the issue? Or should I do a swap

@Liverpool_201 Sorry to hear about the delay with your Soundcore Rave Mini. To confirm, I’m wondering whether you try to hold both the "Bluetooth " and " Volume+ " buttons for 8 seconds until it restarts to reset the speaker? Please also contact our customer service about the wired cable you used and they’ll investigate this for you ASAP.