Share My Soundcore Motion Boom EQ setting


I modified my turning method, switch between the motion boom and other great sounding speaker as usual, but I use the frequency generator app this time.

Set the frequency exactly as the EQ setting 80hz/150hz/300hz…and so . Trim the EQ 1 by 1 by compare those speaker loudness at special frequency.

And here is the EQ setting for motion boom compared to Helsinki Neutral mode:

Late-night mode:

I also making an EQ setting to compare to VIFA OSLO, but not done yet, I hope I can finish it at this holiday.

And this is the best setting last time I did before I change the turning method, I change the profile name to boombox.

I spend a week to turn the motion boom eq by my ear and finally I get this.:slightly_smiling_face:


We appreciate the share.

I will say you get a few comments in the near future that will state that although your EQ setting is good but that that it is set for your ears and not theirs.


This is a very good EQ setting. One of my many is similar to this, though I primarily use one that offers a flatter and more balanced sound.


Cool share, I’ll maybe try it out with my flare 2s as I don’t have a boom.

At present I just use flat instead of custom.

I’ll send back how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great EQ’s for motion boom. Thank you!

The last one looks a little like one I use. The thing is depending where they are located, I adjust the EQ (Outside vs in a corner inside, etc)

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This is the cleanest preset i set up for low mid volume listening. Near perfect to my ears.


Can you share the numbers of your eq? Plz

i agree but with -6 in 150 Hz to rewove bouminess