Share Your Favorite Song Of The Week!

Hey everyone,

I feel like I haven’t listened to much music at all this week, so I’m in desperate need of some recommendations this week! So you know what to do:


If you’re new here, just share a YouTube link to your favorite song of the week and we’ll add them to the poll in Monday’s Core Update. If your song is in the top 3, you’ll receive Giveaway Tickets like last week’s winners:

1st Place: Dua Lipa- Break My Heart
@Shenoy receives 15 Giveaway Tickets.

2nd Place: Luke Combs - Refrigerator Door
@ndalby receives 10 Giveaway Tickets.

3rd Place: American Aquarium - Me + Mine (Lamentations) / Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan - Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho
@shwrth and @Shivam_Shah receive 5 Giveaway Tickets each.


My selection for this week :grinning: Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thanks @Hannah! Trying to find a good song from one of the underrated artists in the Bollywood industry for this week. Congrats @Shenoy, @ndalby and @shwrth


One of my favorites; pop-punk in its catchy glory.

New Found Glory - Hit or Miss

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Tom Petty’s family just released a demo of You Don’t Know How It Feels. Some of the lyrics were changed before the album version.

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Song from one of my favorite movies. Song name: Behe Chala by Yasser Desai from URI: The Surgical Strike

Thank you for the updates on Music Share @Hannah :pray: ( i knew Dua Lipa’s song Break My Heart was a winner :wink: )

Congratulations to @ndalby @shwrth @Shivam_Shah :clap: :clap: :clap:

My song for this week … my favorite singer Arijit Singh and tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

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Really like some of Arijit Singh! Good choice for the week

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Don’t really know how but this song ended up getting stuck in my head the other day.
Livin on a prayer

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Congrats to this weeks winners!

It seems that having a theme helped switch up the winners a bit :grin:.

I think I’ll enter a song this week…

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Maroon 5- Memories

I am doing my previous selection that I think missed last weeks cut due to when it actually came out. LOL

Lost a few good family members around this time of year from the past.

Thanks for the good news @Hannah & thanks to anyone who voted for the track,

Congrats to @Shenoy @shwrth and @Shivam_Shah also :+1:

Mine for this week is


First time I came across this song while I was driving yesterday and it was just the right amount of tempo and chill at the same time.

No more restrictions?
No more rules?
Congratulations to the winners!!!

OK lets introduce that fellow:

This we all would like to do!

Let’s twist again, like we did last summer


:metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal: one of my fave bands

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Quick question to @Hannah or @Loz or honestly anyone here who knows it but when are the Giveaway Tickets added to our account? Like should we wait a couple more days?

I am not sure of the time frame but it will come. I had won a few here and there and I think it sort of depends on some other factors as well(although it is just an assumption). If they have a contest, gathering data for a promotion or other factors.

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They should be updated on Monday/Tuesday


I never care about my “counter readings”.
But from time to time they are increasing, like by magic. :rofl: