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Update: Winner Announcement

First of all, thanks a lot to everyone for taking part!

We got some seriously funny/weird stories out of you guys, but the one that caught our eye the most and had us laughing the hardest was @Tank’s story of the obsessive neighbour! Congrats to Tank on winning.

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Parties are great, aren’t they? Cool music, responsible alcohol intake, and super fun games and activities! But ultimately, what makes a party special is the shared stories it creates. Party stories can last lifetimes, define relationships, or maybe just provide ammunition to make fun of your friends until they get genuinely upset about it and stop talking to you until you apologize… Either way, hilarity is inevitable.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my university years are responsible for most of my stories; some I’d rather forget, some I’ll remember forever. Here’s one that @Loz has permitted me to share with you guys:

At a time when almost all house parties were soundtracked by glitched up, pounding dubstep, we were bringing in the early hours with some terrible music and even worse dancing. Despite the ear-splitting basslines, at around 2 AM, one of the partiers managed to discern a hammering on the front door. Cue fearful glances from everyone on the dancefloor. At this time of the morning, on a weeknight, in a university town, during a party there is usually only one type of person knocking on the door. And it isn’t the little old lady from down the street wanting to join the party.

Remarkably, on this occasion, that’s exactly who it was. Doris from number 33 wanted to join the festivities. For the rest of the party, she rocked that dance floor and showed us losers exactly how to move. Doris quickly became a legend in my social circle, and she is our guiding light when we ask ourselves, “Am I too old to party?”.

Of course, a party isn’t a party without music. It’s a bunch of maniacs dancing in silence. And although my partying days are much less frequent than they once were, I still need to make sure the tunes are taken care of. That’s where Trance comes in. On one hand, it’s a dated and almost obsolete EDM genre, on the other it’s a rocking party speaker that’d be more than enough to get Doris’s feet tapping. Learn more here.

We have 1 Trance party speaker to give away. To win it, all you need to do is share your most exciting, most fun, or weirdest party story in the comments below or on social media (this giveaway is open to non-Collective members too). Whichever story makes us laugh (or cringe) the most will win. We’ll announce the winner on the 3rd of December, and possibly share your story across our socials, so make sure you’re happy for the rest of the world to read it!


I do not drink or smoke but did have fun at parties. I was on my college floor (14th floor) with a lot of drinkers and “smokers”. We were going to have a finals party on the floor that night.

I had a class that night and was going to be late for it. Before I left for my class, me and my roommate convinced the smokers they could get buzzed off peanut shells.

So I am coming back from class and my floor was in full drink mode overload. I get off the elevators and someone took those huge toiled paper rolls and wrapped the inner floor walls in one continueous roll. I then seen our smokers going to their room with their peanut shells.

Making my way to different rooms , I saw they took the stolen one of those cloth hand cleaners rolls from a bathroom and fashioned part of it into a swing by removing the ceiling tiles n attaching it to the I beams between the floors and were swinging out the window. The other part of the hand roll was being used by one of the smokers who was drunk and decided to shimmy down it out the 14th story window and knocking on the 13th floor window to let them in. It ended when one of the floor mates getting arrested for being too drunk. The funny part was me and my roommate tried to help prevent him from being arrested holding him up when the cops came and literally holding his hair to help prevent it from bobbing but the cops knew better.

We took up a get out of jail free fund and I believe this is the reason for welding all the windows shut the next semester.


I’ll have to think of something good, because I need that trance :flushed:


One particular one comes to mind immediately:

Back when I was in school for my CS degree, we would have our fair share of parties, but sometimes you needed to put your studies before partying. Throughout my midterms of my 3rd year, my classmates and I were nose to the books at all times. Weekends were spent in study groups instead of doing keg stands. Once we completed our mid terms, we all knew that we needed a night to unwind.

A buddy of ours had rented a home off campus that was adjacent to a golf course. Word got out and a “small get together/beer pong” party turned into an absolute rager. Seeing that his rental home was going to be overrun one way or another, our buddy decided against the police being called and just embraced it. He would sometimes DJ weddings, so he went to the basement and collected all of his equipment and set it up in the back yard. Lights, smoke, strobes, you name it, he had it. Think festival concert type feel at this point. He has the crowd going wild and is eating it up. After about an hour set, he needs a breather, so he throws a pre-set mix on (clubby trance/house music) and set off for a drink.

We all of course were making him feel on top of the world. I mean, going from DJ weddings with slow or top 40’s only, he was feeling in his prime of life. We immediately lined up a row of Flaming Dr. Peppers. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a shot glass filled 90% full of Amaretto topped with 151 rum and bombed into a half glass full of beer. Needless to say, those all were lit on fire, dropped in and consumed by all of us. This was our time to let loose, so you know we were going to be on another level.

Fast forward to an hour later. 6 shots that went down with ease were now turn into dancing machines. Our little “rave” had everyone dancing, laughing and attempting our best dance moves. Our other friend had an idea, lets take this out on the golf course to chill for a few and take a breather. 4 of us made our way out and somehow turned our drunken festivities into a game of imaginary golf. Swing, run, put, chip, we did it all. I posted myself up on a bench by a tee and laid back to look up at the stars and enjoy the resonating bass coming from the back yard. The rhythmic sounds soon lulled me to sleep, with dreams of concerts long past.

What I thought was 10 minutes turned into 5 hours and I was awoken abruptly by a golfer poking me in the side with a driver. It was now 7 am, and the first set of golfers were teeing off. Soon the course ranger came by to check on the course, saw me with disheveled hair and looking like a train wreck and asked if he could take me somewhere. I thought I was in deep now, trespassing and what not. Quite the opposite occurred. The ranger lived a couple of houses down from the party, and although he was annoyed with us at first, he enjoyed the music more than he could describe. He grew up during the early days of EDM starting up and it took him back to his younger years, well before responsibilities. He dropped me off near the street I needed to be at, advised me to keep up with my schoolwork, tossed me a high five and sent me on my way. That night set a precedent for our next year and although there were many more parties, that one will always stick out in my mind.


Weirdest Party :thinking:
I’ve got a weird story which has scarred me for life :sob:
A couple of years ago, a few days before Halloween, me and some of my friends (with a bit of help from his parents :joy:) wanted to plan a big spookfest party for a good friend :bat:.
So we thought of a surprise spooky party in his house :jack_o_lantern:.
October 31st struck, it was time to put the plan into motion.
We set up a fog machine in the corner of the house to fill the whole house with a misty fog to reduce visibility in the house, also we brought bunch of frozen pizza and sweets for the party.
For the final touches we used a spider web spray, all around the house inside and outside then we placed some Bluetooth speakers hidden inside the house.
It was complete.

If you know how surprise parties work, everyone involved just acted like it was just a normal day when we talked to him which he was completely confused about :joy:.

He was on his way, we all hid in different rooms anxiously waiting until he unlocked the door, the lights were off when he entered.
That was signal for everyone to play “witch cackling” from the speakers which then we all jumped at his him “SURPRISE” (as he turned on the lights) .
Mission success I thought but the weird part was still to come.

Later in the night we were joking around, playing games, eating the snacks which then mostly everyone fell asleep except me and few friends (who were playing quietly chatting to each other) and the birthday celebrant.
Me and the birthday celebrant we chatting until I could tell he was getting really tired (it was about 1am).
I asked something like “hey I are you getting tired”
Then he replied saying we wasn’t tired at all (as he was drifting in and out of sleep :joy:) but then out of the blue he asked do you want anymore pizza.
Which I rejected since I had eaten so much, I said I’ll get some orange juice instead.
We walked over to fridge

At this moment the weirdest thing happened which scarred me for the rest of life😢

He asked “do you like frozen pizza”
Which I replied something like “it’s pretty nice if cooked properly”
Suddenly he cuts the frozen pizza crusts off while I’m drinking my juice and then he starts biting the frozen pizza crust (uncooked straight from the fridge only eating the crust).
Out of confusion laughter all the orange juice I was drinking came straight out on floor :joy:.
Also he cuts the frozen pizza like this (between black line) ↓↓↓↓↓

(Example Photo of Frozen Pizza)
Well that’s how he likes his pizza I guess :yum:.


I could write a story, but this will not be
“family safe”.:wink:
So I have to think about another.


You can always do a pg version, @Chiquinho


One year my parents were going out of town, my sisters were already staying with friends, so it was just me left at home. My parents told me no parties and to keep the place clean…well once they left I called a friend and he brought his stereo receiver and speakers over. We turned it up, but it wasn’t loud enough so he went and got some more speakers. I went to the garage to get my speakers and the party table.

Once inside we staked the speakers on top of one another, they literally went from the floor to the ceiling. We turned the music on and we were jamming. We set up the place to party and called a bunch of friends over. Everyone was rocking out to some Montel Jordan and then we hear banging on our ceiling, my upstairs neigbor started banging and stomping trying to get us to turn the music down. We all ignored him and kept partying, at some point someone realized my couch was a sofa bed and pulled it open. Next thing o know people were passing out on it…now we didn’t have alcohol at this party so no one was drunk or tipsy.

But shortly after that my neigbor banged on my door and demanded we turn the music down. Since it was late and people was getting tired we did turn it down, but grumpy thought it was still too loud and he called the cops.

After he left a bunch of people also left, I started to clean up when I hear police sirens and it wasn’t one or two but 7 cop cars pull up and surround my apartment building. My friend was like dang the music wasn’t that loud, and just then my front door was kicked in and tear gas was thrown inside. Everyone still there started screaming and freaking out, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I got slammed to the ground and handcuffed, my friend got tasered and a few others also got handcuffed and thrown in the back of the cop cars. Maybe 20 or 30 minutes go by and the police sergeant comes over to the group of us sitting on the curb handcuffed and he asked who’s place was this. To which I replied mine, he asked where my parents were and I told him the went out of town for their anniversary. He chuckled and said sorry for the dramatic entrance and tear gas, he said someone called the station and reported loud music and thought someone was trying to cover up a murder. Confused by that I asked why would someone think we were murdering someone, well
Apparently my neighbor looked down my hall when I opened the door and saw people passed out on the sofa bed, and he told the cops there was dead people inside.

So yea they came and raided my house when I was just trying to have a nice little party. The Sargent apologized and uncuffed us all and said he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and definitely didn’t see any dead bodies. The sergeant pulled me aside and informed me they broke my parents bedroom door in order to check it, so I had two doors to worry about.

The cops left, me and my friends went I side to assess the damage. Door casing was busted in, but we managed to push it back and nail it in place. My parents room, well the door was busted but not too bad so I just pulled it shut. Mu buddy turned the music on low and we all finished cleaning up. Not 20 mine ites later the cops are banging on my door again, but this time they said the neighbor called again about the noise…we didn’t turn the music down so the cops could barely hear it and said enough of this. They then went up stairs and proceeded to arrest my neigbor for false claim and for harassing us, as they came down the stairs the cop told us to enjoy the rest of our night as he wont be harassing us anymore.
To end the crazy wild night, my parents called and told me they got the whole thing on camera and i was in so much trouble when they got home. That was my first and last party I ever had at my house.

But my parents are evil, they have clips of that video and they have made memes of it and sent it to me whenever they wanted to have a laugh.


You really screwed things up :joy:. That is one of the funniest most messed up story’s I’ve ever heard.

I really want to see the video of the party :rofl:

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Now your parents will use these clips to show your son whenever he gets you in trouble :rofl:


Man it was craziness I couldn’t believe that happened to us. And I couldn’t believe my parents didn’t trust me enough that they setup a camera to see what I was up to. Still some 20 odd years later they taunt me with that video, I pray they never show it to my son because I would never hear the end of it from him. Gotta love teenagers

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Let me start off saying this is a great idea for a topic, refreshes my memories of my college days!!

This is from my first year from Engineering College with my friends, we had just finished our sessionals (or internal assessment), and were pretty happy to have finished it, and wanted to party. We were in rented home with 2 floors, and wanted to play / blast same music on both the floors, the floors were connected via Ethernet cables, our own LAN network setup with hubs (not switches) and no wifi during those days, was pretty expensive to setup, with the limited pocket money we were having! and networked 2 desktop machines with Pentium 3 per floor (yeah… you read it right intel P3), and had 4 pairs of desktop Logitech speakers all together - 1 pair per desktop. The challenge was to play same audio at multiple places!

The only music software we used was Winamp :slight_smile: … what we did was… sounds silly, we created one large large music file of 2 hour duration, by joining mp3 files, and played the same file via network share, at the same time (almost… almost) from all the desktops :smiley:, we had to d a trial and error, shouting each time to play the music, to have the sync :smiley: … and finally got it right on 6th attempt, still remember the timing and the fun we had shouting out… all said, everything started well, within 15 minutes of all the hardwork… power went off … we eventually had to sing (or rather shout) … was quite a memory or blast from the past…

Feel it would have been so simple to have a Soundcore Trance or Soundcore BT speakers at that time… or bunch of google home / Zolo Mojos grouped speakers would have made life much simpler!!


I need to start off by saying that for obvious reasons, I will be very vague about the persons involved in this story. Enjoy

So this story is from a few years ago. I was at the wedding reception of a relative. They are somewhat distant relative, so I didn’t know all of my family that was at the wedding. It was a pretty large wedding though.

They were serving alcohol at the wedding, which is normal for weddings. I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol (or the effect of it) so I pretty much never drink, which was the same on this occasion. They actually had a really big, expensive bar, that was completely open. It was free and unlimited to all the guests.

It began to get later and all the people with children had pretty much left. With only adults left, some people started getting some more drinks- too many.

One of my relatives had (erm) well, a lot of alcohol. He was completely drunk. He started shoving some people around a little, but he wasn’t really violent.

Now I need to take a moment to explain that this was actually a really nice wedding. The decorations were very traditional, and very elaborate. This isn’t the kind of wedding you would expect stuff like this to happen.

So anyway, this guy jumped up on one of the tables and started shouting. At this point you can’t even tell what he’s saying. It’s just noise. He’s getting louder, and the tone in his voice is getting angrier.

I kid you not, he started jumping from table to table yelling and shouting about. These table were like 6-8ft apart. He’s up there jumping from table to table, falling off, destroying the dishes and tables and such. It was really getting out of hand.

Then this huge man (and I mean muscular) basically tackles the drunk man, and detains him. A few minutes later, the police showed up and took care of the man.

Now there is a second chapter to this story. As if this wedding couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this happened.

I have a relative who isn’t exactly the most law abiding citizen. She definitely has a bad side.

She found out that the wedding was happening, and used this as an opportunity to “take advantage” of her family.

She came to the ceremony and was in the family photos and all that jazz. But she left before the reception. She gave a generic excuse (forget exactly what it is).

So during the long reception she went to various family members house’s. She went into the houses, and took items from the houses. She had the audacity to steal from her family during a wedding.

It was so messed up, I still have a hard time believing it. What may even be crazier is that no one reported her. She stole from at least 10 different households, and no one felt the need to report her.

Luckily I didn’t live in town, so she didn’t have an opportunity to take from me.

This was one of the craziest nights of my life (though I didn’t find out about the second part until later).

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I mean they were kind of right to do that. You were untrustworthy :rofl:

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Dude that’s awesome. I love techy party’s


what… you called me a nerd :roll_eyes::sleepy:

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I mean… yeah.

Maybe me and you have different definitions of the word… what I meant by it, is people who like mental or technology related hobby’s over physical or sports related hobby’s.

I can edit the post if you don’t like it


Hahahaha niiiiice

Your friend needs help :wink: Thanks for sharing.

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