Share Your Story to Win [CLOSED]

The WORST neighbour!! Good story!

Right? I kind of want to see that video, but I’m also not sure it’s safe for the Collective :wink:

thats fine, all is well!

That’s pretty cool. Amazing little lifehacks we had back in the day!

Damn! That’s pretty brutal robbing your own fam.

We all got those family members that we worry about. The worse thing that I know that happened at my wedding was with the pictures taken. We provided some disposable cameras so our guess can take some candid pictures at their tables. Well a few were not returned. The ones that were returned had to have some pictures removed due to certain people decided to take pics of their certain body parts. lol got to love them, the family not the pics.

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So when I talked to my mom to say happy Thanksgiving, I did ask her about the video and if she could send me a clip or two. Sadly she told me that she wont be sharing it anymore because when they moved, all the totes that had the VHS tapes in got ruined while in storage. Sorry folks, I tried to at least get some clips but it’s no go

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thanks to @Will & you @Loz , and Soundcore for refreshing old memories!

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Nothing even close to crazy enough to qualify for this thread.

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You should do it. It was laugh or cringe. Plus if you do not win, you will have given us a good story. :slight_smile:

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So, was attending a wedding. Wedding went off, everyone moved on to the after party (or reception, whatever).

A few hours in, everyone had had a few, some partying was underway, and suddenly everyone connected in any way is rounded up and forced into a group.

Then you hear the sound start to build, and a chill goes through the room. “Baby shark, doot doo…” Everyone is forced to do the hand motions. On video. All the way through grandpa shark. It was horrible.

I still think of it today and cringe…

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I’m super lame and boring with no party stories. I think this speaker could help me try to make some though. :rofl:

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Yep kinda in the same boat, not much of the party type.

If either of us win we should have a pity party together. lol

Congrats @Tank on winning the Trance :tada:

Omg, thank you so much. I’m glad my misfortune had everyone laughing. Cant wait to get this and party out with my family…and no the police wont get involved, at least I hope not

Congratulations @Tank