Shipping time for prizes?

Just curious what the usual shipping times are for…

  • Prizes
  • Purchases direct on Soundcore or Anker
    (We know Amazon ships fast!)

Depends on the process.
Sometime there is a need of sending a friendly email.
But give them time, be patient!
More important are real sales for the company.
For those they get money. :grinning:

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They said end of November so that’s what I’m counting on. Don’t want to get my hopes up for anything sooner.

For the latest PowerDraw prize I won:

PowerDraw winner announcement: Sep 07, 2019
“You Won!” email confirmation: Sep 22, 2019
Item shipped: Oct 08, 2019
Item received: Oct 09, 2019

Shipping time will vary depending on how close you are to an Amazon Fulfillment Center or one of Anker’s distribution centers and where their stock of the particular item is actually located.

Also it depends on what prize event it was, depending on the event it can take to 2 week to 2+ months for the prize to be dispatched from the announced date.

I was told mid to late October for my Liberty Pro’s I won from the live stream 24 hour event, November or so for the 250 person contest, so I will be having things rolling in for weeks it seems.


It depends on many prices they need to process and how many contests they have going on and needed to be processed and of course they were on vacation. So it could be some time. My Power from a month ago just shipped earlier this week.