Short Circuit (LTT) with Life Q30!

Short Circuit (a Linus Media Group channel) recently did a showcase video of the Soundcore Life Q30!

I’m curious to know everyone’s thoughts and opinions about sponsored showcases (like this one) compared to standard reviews?


As long as they state the good with the bad then it is probably ok

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I’m not so bothered about the sponsored vs other.

I am more bothered about an unboxing and initial impressions “review” than a longer term review.

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Don’t overly mind sponsored reviews as I often check out a mixture of several (pro and user reviews) before committing to a product purchase :slightly_smiling_face:

I echo the same comments, as long as upfront that the review is sponsored, i’m not too concerned.

If is something i’m itchin to get, i’ll check more than just one review / blog.

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