Should core update be on a Tuesday

As a suggestion , I was wondering if moving the Core update to Tuesday would be better. It is more for the admin benefit per say.

  1. A lot of times the admins have a week or two weeks holiday. It would seems to me it would give an extra day to do what they need to do after a long week off and they have actually did that a time ir two through out the years

  2. Adam’s info for his Amazon shows can be added as well.

  3. Tuesday will give a little more time for core updates and not to rush to get everything done by the end of their Monday.

  4. Sometimes members may need that extra few hours for participating as well from time to time.

With all of that said, Monday is also fine as it it also fun to see if you won something and is a good start to a week.


I see the benefits to your suggestion, but personally I like starting off the week with the Update.

I don’t care, because for “old idler” like me there is no special need for a certain time.
Those who work may decide. :laughing:

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It not much for me either.

Just saw something not long ago that reminded of them doing it once twice through the last few years.

I prefer it on Monday, but there are reasons to make Updates on Tuesdays.

Monday seems like the sensible day to do the Community Update, but if it helped out the Collective, it could be any day of the week that was most suitable.

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I think the core-update should be on a random day of the week… keeps members guessing… and would attract more people coming to the site to check the update :wink: