Should we talk about other brands?

Because this place is not “monitored” by officials from soundcore anymore
(grave yard) there is a chance to talk about non soundcore speakers.

I could do and others may be as well.

Or will I/we get totally banned from this “great place” :rofl:
If so, I really don’t mid at all.

What are you thinking about?

I bought a TEUFEL bt bamster yesterday.
(Flea market)
Could tell you some information here.


Usually, I’d say no except when being compared to Soundcore, but at this point I’d say any discussion is better than none.

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For the most part, it was stated like years ago by Hannah, it was to be audio, music or soundcore.

So that is audio. There has been a few other topic on other devices or such in the past. So as long as it not overwhelming the site a few topics of that ever so often does not seem to be an issue at least to me.

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I would say it could bring a little more activity here.
I could reanimate the place here.

Because the situation at the moment is more than frustrating.
We have discussed all soundcore items more than a lot.

Of course it should not expand to reviews of an XYZ model from ABC manufacturer.
And there is no possibility get “support” for such devices.:grin:

I wish that Soundcore would start getting more into home audio world. Bookshelf speakers or a 2.1 system to start with.

I wish they would at least support their own website. This is getting ridiculous.


I won’t mention the brand, but I got selected to get a pair of headphones and review them. Can’t wait to see if (and how) they might compare to Soundcore. Honestly, I don’t have any other brands at the moment, so the only brand I can reference is Soundcore.

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I have quite a few wired Open-Back Headphones (obviously not Soundcore since they don’t make wired HP’s). I like my Soundcore BT Speakers, HP’s and Earbuds, but these wired HP’s are really nice. I also have a few HP’s Amps and an R2R DAC/Amp

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I wish the site was still active. All Soundcore/Anker’s marketing goes into other forms of social media now. Honestly talking about other brands, their quality, and why they are liked/disliked is good. Maybe even offer help with questions about stereo/home audio questions.


That’s a great idea.
I am in.
Such publications will bring some life into that grave yard.
Hope this will not be cancelled by the admins.
If they do…

My stereo is really antique.
I bought it when I was a student in 1970! :laughing:

I will add some comments about this old TEUFEL bt bamster I bought at the flea market.
It works, ( what a miracle).

Don’t know much about the Sennheiser’s headphones.
Where are these manufactured?
I know its a German company, but may be they outsourced productions to PCR.

Where they do a perfect job is wireless transmission for stage performance.
We used such one in the university.
Great products, sturdy and easy to handle.

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I have 2 of them @Chiquinho. One is made in Romania, the other one is made in Ireland. They are just different Sennheiser factories. The one made in Ireland is the better /more expensive of the 2.

They are colaberations with a company called Drop (formerly MassDrop). They are 100% made by Sennheiser and sold through Drop. Drop was founded as a group buy site but they also have colaberations with well known companies. These are are rebagged HD650 called the HD6XX and HD660 called the HD58X.

In those pictures are also a couple of Hifiman HP’s and 1 by Monoprice (Planar Magnetics). The one with the Blue cups is my favorite of the lot (HE6SE V2).

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Interesting Steve.
Didnt know, thank you.

This is the way we could bring that dead forum to alive a little bit.
If the “missing admins” are allowing this.

So let me talk about that TEUFEL bt bamster.
Totally crap.
The case is great sturdy Alu case, the design is also perfect.

But the sound is bad. :smile:
I don’t know why TEUFEL, which seems not to be a bad manufacturer
“took over” this bamster model from another company.
But this was in the past, may be they are better now.

The Bamster is lousy regarding the basses.
(height is 5cm, so there is really no volume to create such ones)
And there is no booster created by software.

OK its an old model, like me, but I am better! :rofl:

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