Show us your home office!

With everyone staying at home to work, I’m wondering what your home offices look like. Everybody post a pic here to show us your remote work situation. Bonus points for Anker/Soundcore products in the shot!


In those days we need some fun!


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Still grinding the stone at work myself but nice setup @gANKstER

Stay safe fellas :+1:

I’ve still be going to work, as I can’t really do it from home :grin:. Luckily I never work around other people except one other crew member.

Well took a few days off to help brother move. So I do not know my current situation, am I to be quarantined, working at the office or working from home.

No pictures here, but my three screen setup at home is slightly better than the same at work. So I don’t think it will be any big deal. I love my 27" 1440p monitor, but it is a cheap one, and your big monitor there looks sharp.