Silent disco parties

My wife and I were invited to a silent dance party/disco in a couple of weeks and we are both pretty excited for it. Has anyone been to one before and what kind of headphones were provided or did you need to bring your own? The one we are going to provides them as everyone is going to be listening to the same music at the same time.

Never heard of this before, but definitely sounds interesting

The whole concept is really alien to me. Once you do eventually do it can ya let us know what all is involved? It sounds kind of fun.

Silent disco party… hmmmm. Brand new idea to me. Definitely sounds interesting…

How do you plan to.listen to same music? Headsets? Bluetooth?

Sorry, dad duties were calling. It is in an old industrial building in Detroit. We are given headphones that are all tuned to the same music (some I have heard of either let you use your own or have multiple channels available) and they sync the lights and strobes accordingly to it, but with no actual sound being produced.


Ive only done this once and it was very unofficial a friend threw the party everyone brought their own headphones and listnened to their own music. It was quite hilarious due to the different songs everyone was listening to. we had aggressive hyped up music, people slow dancing, others doing the cotton eye joe and a bunch of other things as well. Hope you enjoy yours it seems much more put together than the one i went to

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Seems like a dinner party with no food, empty plates only. :rofl:

Looks like a Ideal case for Bluetooth Hub / Router connect multiple BT headsets to same source.

How many members would join the dance floor?

Yeah, my school has talked about doing this for our formal dance… not sure how I feel about the idea. Seems very antisocial.

Had to Google this as I actually thought it was a joke :blush:

Seems kinda anti-social not to mention anti-disco…

…so much for the old days :wink:


Yea, if it went that route I would go just to watch the ensuing craziness :sweat_smile:

So everyone can create his very OWN, lonely disco.
That’s our not communicative, isolated society.

I will call my girl friend via mobile, while she is lying beside me in the bed! :rofl:

What would the wife say about that Franz :wink:

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She would call me back Neil, after while! :rofl:


Interesting… Not for me. But it would be fun.

Yeah I am skeptical on it, but the setting and the atmosphere is supposed to make it I guess, but it will be weird to take them off and have no sound but lights and what not lol

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I’ve only seen a really terrible implementation of it when I was a kid; fm transmitter and FM wireless headphones. I think an actual formal/well thought-out party would be interesting.

Probably a lot of you are really young but this is not a new idea. Metallica did a concert like this a awhile ago, I know is not exactly the same example but is the same idea. People got handed a pair of headphones and routed the sound. No speakers.

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If everyone is listening to the same thing, why not use speakers? So many questions now… I am so lost!

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