Silicon Carry Case/Motion+ (Updated)

Just ordered this for my Motion+

Great price, free delivery, good reviews…everywhere I looked it was on a very slow-boat from China, for more money. I think the Red will look great on my Black M+…should be here Friday.

Update: Not the best pics, but…

It was a little hard to get on, but it is a perfect fit

It’s a little hard to see in this pic, but there is an embossed on/off symbol that covers the indicator light.

Again, hard to see, but on top they did account for the BT and BU indicator lights. The buttons are perfectly placed and actually better defined, a little easier to see. The bottom actually mimics the rubber feet on the M+ itself.

Seems to be good quality material, decent strap plus a carabiner to hang it!.

Certainly going to be useful, and worth $11/delivered, imho.

A red case on a black speaker will look fantastic.
You should publish a photo here.
We all would like to see this combination.
Thank you in advance.


I’ll do that.:+1:.
The only issue reported with this case is that the embossed ‘on/off’ portion covers the indicator light…but that can be solved with a well-placed paper hole-punch, reportedly.


I like it. I thought I posted something similar about a years or so ago but as stated it was a while back. Do enjoy some of the accessories for such products.

Should grab this for my father.


Done!. (updated above). I think it does look great.

Looks great. I’m glad you like it! :+1:


I’m pretty sure this is the exact same case from the case-maker co2CREA, even though this is called Paiyule… even model numbers are almost identical.

Those “sellers” change their names like people their underwear. :laughing:
Same product other name printed on.

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Looks good.
The black-red combination is an eyecatcher indeed.